March 6, 2023

The Rise of The Smart Campus Centralized Control Resource Distribution Data Collection


The Rise of The Smart Campus Centralized Control Resource Distribution Data Collection


Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the educational industry since 2006. With 15 years of development, we have been well-known in the global market for two brands: IQ and Q-NEX. Our solutions under the IQ brand include IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution and IQMeet Audio&Video Conference Solution, and under Q-NEX brand, we provide a comprehensive campus solution to help schools achieve centralized device control and AV distribution through LAN or the Internet. 

Q-NEX as the new AV product line of IQ focuses on Smart Campus Solution to realize IoT control throughout the campus. For different application scenarios on campus, Q-NEX designs Networked Media Processor (NMP) for media devices control and AV distribution in classrooms, Media Box (MBX) for AV distribution to other places such as corridors, libraries, canteens, etc. on campus, as well as desktop centralized control panel with versatile functions -Touch Panel. Based on the school’s existing network, Q-NEX solution offers not only devices centralized control, but also AV over IP broadcasting and live streaming on a unified platform, so that school IT admin can have remote management over the whole campus by web-based Q-NEX Console or remote control App anytime and anywhere. 

Relying on IQClass, IQMeet, Q-NEX solutions, the mission of Returnstar is to transform education with technology. Our ultimate goal is not to just sell educational hardware or software, but to provide bespoke education solutions for schools based on their specific demands and budget.