Frequently Asked Questions

For each classroom, only one Q-NEX NMP is needed to realize centralized control of all the devices within one classroom.
NMP can be connected to classroom facilities such as projector, computer, electronic whiteboard, interactive flat panel, LCD monitors, speakers, lights, air-conditioners and electric curtains for unified control.

No limitation, as long as IFP/Projector/TV gets HDMI port. Networked power control request both HDMI port and RS232 / IR.

The IT admin gets access to the Q-NEX Console on any web browser or the Q-NEX APP downloaded to his mobile phone for device remote management.

NMP is suitable for ordinary classrooms, training rooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, etc.

Q-NEX NMP can also work as a networked AV decoder, to process AV signals distributed from Q-NEX Platform, including instant and scheduled AV distribution tasks.

The broadcast of Q-NEX meets the definition of AV over IP. What is AV over IP? AV over IP stands for “Internet Protocol-based audio and video technology”. Essentially, it transmits digital audio and video data over networks such as LAN, WAN or the Internet.  Q-NEX broadcasts audio and video content and live streaming media over a LAN.  

Standard NMP contains two wireless mics, i.e. one handheld mic + one lapel mic, lapel mic for teachers, handheld mic for students to answer questions. In addition, NMP also allows to connect wired mic to it, there is a 6.35mm MIC In.

NMP is a highly integrated multi-functional product, it is featured with video decoding, can achieve AV distribution over IP, in the meanwhile, it is also featured with AV matrix switching and local audio and video devices control, which can basically meet the AV needs of a school.