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Integrate with Digital Lectern

This is an integrated solution for auditoriums, lecture halls, seminar rooms and other large classrooms. The Q-NEX NDP100 serves as a highly-integrated smart lectern, incorporating features like device central control, desktop annotation, AV broadcasting, and live streaming. With the Q-NEX NDP100, the traditional auditorium can be transformed into a multifunctional one with centralized control under minimum cost. By simply standing in front of the lectern, the lecturer can have one-button control over the electric screen and projector, easily switch input sources, power on/off lights and air conditioner, it simplifies the process of initiating auditorium devices with one-touch activation, eliminating the need for manual setups. By using the desktop smart display, the lecturer can connect his laptop for courseware annotation, promoting eye contact between the lecturer and students for an enriched interactive learning experience.

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Layout of Connected Devices

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Device remote control through Web

Device connected to Q-NEX NDP100 can be controlled remotely. School IT administrators can control devices on campus through the Internet at anytime and anywhere, either Q-NEX Console by Web browser on PC or Q-NEX APP from mobile devices.

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Multifunctional device for lectern integration

As a highly-integrated product, Q-NEX NDP100 has powerful functions, it is simple for wiring, perfectly adapted to various classroom scenarios. It is an ideal solution for a digital transformation.

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Linkage control for broadcast

When receiving the campus AV broadcast or the principal’s live broadcast, Q-NEX NDP100 can automatically roll down the projection screen and turn on the projector, to ensure campus-wide AV distribution will not be missed in the classrooms on campus.

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Control classroom devices on the touch panel

Teachers can control multimedia devices in the classroom through the touch panel of Q-NEX NDP100, such as power on/off devices like projectors /lights, control projection screen up and down, adjusting air conditioners, initiating lecture recording, AV switching, microphone volume adjustment, etc.

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Scheduled tasks for auto executing

Q-NEX NDP100 has the function of executing scheduled tasks. By setting the scheduled power on/off task of classroom equipment and the scheduled task of AV broadcasting on the Q-NEX Console, NDP100 can automatically turn on/off connected devices or play the distributed AV content in the classroom at the scheduled time.

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Seamless Connectivity

Q-NEX NDP100 provides versatile interfaces, accommodating user’s laptops with HDMI or Type-C ports, as well as USB drives, ensuring hassle-free connectivity of coursewares for educators.

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Effortless Course Recording

Accompany with IQ Lecture Capture Station, users can achieve effortless course recording with a single click on the Touch Panel of NDP100. IT Admins can set scheduled course recording, streamlining daily tasks and facilitating easy review.

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Hybrid Learning Support

Q-NEX NDP100, combined with the lecture capture system, enables real-time live streaming of course content, as well as on-site footages of lecturer and attenders for remote students, fostering seamless online and offline learning experiences.

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Digitizing Auditoriums with AV Integration

Transforming traditional auditoriums into digital spaces requires seamless audiovisual integration. Utilize digital tools like interactive flat panels for high-definition display, electric screens for multi-screen presentations, and the NDP100 for smart auditorium control and desktop annotation. This conversion facilitates remote device control and audiovisual reception, creating a smart, connected auditorium.

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