About Q-NEX

About Q-NEX

Q-NEX is a subsidiary of Returnstar Interactive Technology Group Co, Ltd, a company that has been dedicated to the education industry since 2006. With 17 years of experience and a global presence, Returnstar has created well-established brands in the market, offering innovative and cutting-edge solutions under the umbrella of the lQ and Q-NEX brands. Our lQ brand offers IQClass Interactive Teaching Solution and IQMeet Audio & Video Conference Solution, while our Q-NEX brand specializes in providing comprehensive campus solutions for centralized device control and AV distribution. Our new product line, Q-NEX, is focused on delivering a Smart Campus Solution that converges AV and loT control across all campus facilities. We have recently launched the Networked Media Processor, a powerful and integrated device control system, designed to meet the unique needs of schools and educational institutions. Our solution offers deeply customized options that assist school IT administrators in managing all electronic facilities and allows teachers to simplify the operations of a multimedia classroom.

Our Mission

At Q-NEX,our mission is to deliver a comprehensive and integrated Smart Campus Solution that converges AV and IoT control across all campus facilities, specifically catering to the needs of schools and educational institutions. Q-NEX is committed to providing the best audio-visual equipment and AV solutions to our customers, and we will continue to innovate and optimize our technology to achieve this goal.

Our Main Products

Our Main Solutions

With the Q-NEX solution, you can transform your conventional classroom into a smart classroom. Teachers could easily operate all of the classroom technology, in addition to being centrally managed by the IT administrator.
By integrating the Lecture Capture System with NMP, we can create a Lecture Capture classroom with live streaming, enabling the broadcast of the lesson to other classrooms within the school in addition to websites like Youtube for students who are learning at home.
For lecture halls, auditoriums, and other sizable classrooms, use this solution. The typical lectern can be converted into a multifunctional one with centralized control at a low cost using the Q-NEX NMP and IQPodium.
Based on AV-over-IP technology, the Q-NEX solution for campus-wide AV distribution enables live streaming to all of the campus’s classrooms and other public areas in addition to audio and video transmission.

Along with Q-NEX NMP as a highly integrated media control processor, not only taking over centralized device control for classrooms, but also setting up divisible room enabled sharing AV content of master classroom to slaved classrooms.

Designed for meeting rooms, this solution utilizes Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP) and professional audio and video system to realize unified device control and management in the meeting room.

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Q-NEX Advantages

1.Highly-Integrated Device

Q-NEX terminal unit is an all-in-one device integrated with versatile functional modules, which is specially designed to meet most of the application scenarios under the education environment, while reducing the school’s budget in ICT infrastructure.

2.Powerful Functions

Q-NEX solution can realize device centralized control through Internet, audio and video matrix switch, campus-wide live streaming, audio and video broadcasting, daily notification and emergency alerts distribution, scheduled task management and other functions.

3.Device Compatibility

Q-NEX terminal unit is compatible with various devices with standard AV interfaces and control interfaces, and as a networked product, it also adopts various network protocols, to well fit in with most of the present school equipment on campus.

4.Networked Remote Control

Q-NEX terminal unit can be operated flexibly by local classroom control panel, web-based Console or mobile APP, which makes it possible for remote and unified control by different users anytime and anywhere.

5.Flexible Deployment of Web-based System

Q-NEX Platform is a web-based management system, it can be deployed on Cloud Server for universal application in the world-wide with Internet access. For application on an isolated network with security concern, Q-NEX Platform can also well work in a LAN.

6.Integrator-Friendly Implementation

Q-NEX smart solution can be implemented under the school’s existing network infrastructure. Q-NEX terminal unit is easy to be installed, and can be configured without programming. The visual user interface makes it intuitive for end users to get started.

7.One-Stop Solution Provider

As a professional educational and corporate devices supplier, Q-NEX is capable of providing a complete smart classroom /campus /conference solution to meet to different needs of our partners. We can be Your One-Stop Shop.

Our Story

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Returnstar established
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IWB introduced to global market
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Export value over $10 million
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Completed share reform
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Company building settled in Fuzhou Hi-tech Park
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Become a public listed company
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Awarded as National Key Export Enterprise by the Ministry of Commerce of China
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Launch Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution
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