BPP University

Project Background

Established in 1992, BPP university comprises four schools in the United Kingdom, focusing on Law, Business, Nursing and Technology. It has around 21,000 students, studying across 13 centres, in eight locations across England and online around the world. Over the years, with its increasing number of enrolments, the university has grown at a rapid pace. Meanwhile, it has greatly stimulated the demand for campus expansion, space construction, public infrastructure, and classroom ICT facilities.

The Challenge

A new branch school has recently developed in BPP university that equips with 53 classrooms, 15 offices, and 2 boardrooms. Everyday a large number of lectures take place at the school, spreading across these teaching spaces, all of which sometimes results in an equally large number of maintenance issues and complaints of AV equipment in the classrooms. Various multimedia devices are in regular use at the school, which are maintained by only a few IT staff.

The requirement from the school is to provide powerful audiovisual devices that are easy to use. Educators can fully utilize the available classroom technology without complicated and confusing operation during the class. For the large amount of complex school equipment, an IoT-based campus with digital transformation and cloud centralized device control is extremely required.

Q-NEX Solution

Faculty-friendly AV environment

When it comes to creating an interactive and engaging learning environment, incorporating professional AV equipment can make all the difference. Q-NEX Smart Classroom Solution provides all-in-one interactive display technology that integrates computer, teaching whiteboard and audiovisual performance into one device, which allows teachers to easily share their presentations and visual information with the students. Meanwhile, Q-NEX Networked Media Processor as a highly integrated AV device greatly simplifies the multimedia technology so you won’t have to spend valuable time setting up or troubleshooting complex audio or video systems in a long run. Not only is this type of equipment great for enhancing the teaching quality, but it can also bring a tech-free experience to educators.

IoT-based school device management

Device management is a term used to describe the process of organizing and controlling access to devices in an environment. In order to manage devices in an existing classroom, Q-NEX Networked Media Processor plays an important role to integrate seamlessly with a variety of AV equipment, multimedia devices, and control systems. Through the user friendly interface on Q-NEX Touch Panel, educators can manage all devices in the room with ease, while still keeping a close eye on everything that is happening in their classrooms. With this level of integration for centralized device control, it builds a IoT-based school that makes it easy to manage all of their devices in a cohesive and effective manner.

As a mature campus loT centralized control solution, QNEX not only offers hardware integration, but also software service. IT administrator of BPP can take advantage of QNEX Console or mobile App to remotely control the devices. For example, the scheduled task can be set for powering on and off the devices, and distributing AV broadcast. It greatly reduce the amount of repetitive work. IT administrator can also have a inside look for device usage data on Q-NEX Dashboard, such as device status, repair process, usage frequency, power consumption and other information. With a web-based platform that can centrally control data, IT administrator have the ability to know the situation of devices on campus and realize better management without collecting information all day. Even if staying at home, all the devices in the campus connected by NMP and MBX can be effortless controlled.

Boardroom Transformation

As the hybrid work becomes the new norm , a powerful video conferencing solution to the boardroom is quite important. Q-NEX team deploys secure digital meetings with interactive flat panel, 4K PTZ camera, and soundbar. Through delivering noiseless sound and displaying clear human face on large touch screen, Q-NEX solution makes it possible to have a high-quality remote meeting collaboration when the staff are spreading across multiple time zones and working environments.

BPP University - BPP 10

New Concept of “Divisible Classroom”

(1)Classroom for multipurpose application

Q-NEX proposes the concept of “Divisible Classroom” solution for classrooms that need to be used by multipurpose application. There are some adjoining classrooms in the school which are divided by flexible partition walls. At usual, each classroom is used independently with respective multimedia devices control. At times when the partition wall is open, and the two classrooms are merged into a large one for collaborative teaching, the teacher can still operate all the multimedia devices of these two rooms from one Touch Panel through the Divisible Classroom Mode, so that to simplify user experience.

(2)Device independent control / full control

As the media and control processor installed in each of the divided rooms, Q-NEX NMP achieves independent device control, such as projector on/ off, electric projection screen up/ down, audio and video switcher, audio volume control, door lock etc. The divided two rooms will work with no interruption in daily use. All the control can be easily operated on Touch Panel with intuitive interface.

When the classroom is in re-merging state, the primary room NMP will take over the full control of all AV media devices in both divided rooms. AV content can be distributed from the primary room to the displays and loud-speakers on secondary room, so that all displays and speakers play the same media content at the same time, realizing audio and video synchronization in class.

After the class, the two rooms can be restored to their original states with one click on the Touch Panel as well. The expansion and division of the teaching room can be adjusted according to the school instant arrangement, so it extremely makes the space utilization more flexible.

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