Streaming System

Q-NEX Streaming Service System

Q-NEX streaming service system is installed on the streaming media server to conduct audio/video broadcasting and live streaming to designated Q-NEX terminal units NMP / MBX, providing streaming AV content accessiblity for every classroom and everywhere throughout the campus.

Streaming System - Media server softwares 2

Layout of Campus Broadcasting

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High-Speed AV over IP Transmission

By deploying Q-NEX streaming media server on local area network, while operating through web-based platform or smart phone APP over Internet, the AV content transmission on the campus network can be free from the impact of Internet bandwidth, and ensure the smooth playing of HD AV contents to every corner of campus.

Effortless Media Server Deployment

Hassle-free system installation. You only need to get your streaming server ready and your Q-NEX solution provider will take care of installing streaming service system remotly. It makes your deployment easy and convenient.

Synchronized AV Distribution and Live Streaming

Via Q-NEX streaming service system, administrator can conduct synchronized audio/video broadcasting and live streaming to multiple NMP or MBX-connected display terminals simultaneously, eliminating out-of-step data transmission over networks in such scenarios as language proficiency test broadcasting, and school principal’s making speech and so on. It creates a unified and coordinated Audio/Video broadcasting and streaming experience.

Mobile Broadcasting and Streaming

Broadcasting and live streaming can be ubiquitous. The streaming service system allows you to launch Audio/Video broadcasting and streaming on Q-NEX platform- Q-NEX web console or Q-NEX app any where any time.