Divisible Classroom

Divisible Classroom

Along with Q-NEX NMP as a highly integrated media control processor,
not only taking over centralized device control for classrooms, but also setting up divisible classroom 
enabled sharing AV content of primary classroom to secondary classrooms.

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Layout of Connected Devices

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Independent Rooms Control

For classroom/meeting room with partition used, when the partition is set to divide one room into 2, each divided rooms can achieve independent multimedia devices control and work with no interruption in daily use. And when needed, the rooms can merge into one again with partition removed.

Divisible Room Control

Build the connection of two classrooms/meeting rooms through NMPs, one tap on Touch Panel to switching to Primary-Secondary Mode, which enables AV distribution from the primary classroom to the displays and audio devices on secondary classrooms. Switch off divisible mode and back to independent states.

Flexible Space Utilization

Transforming 2 independent classrooms/meeting rooms into one bigger multipurpose classroom /meeting room. The partition sensor allows a variety of different scenes and configurations in a room with independent control, which promotes the flexible utilization of the space.
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Divisible Classroom - One Touch to Handle All

One Touch to Handle All

Compact control panel with capacitive touch screen adopted, delivering an intuitive user interface with versatile functions, simple click to centrally control classroom devices such as AV matrix switch, volume adjustment, and loT device control for display, light, A/C, e-curtain, etc.
Divisible Classroom - AV Centralized Control

AV Centralized Control

There are a complete set of AV devices and a AV controller equipped in each room. Both rooms can be independent in use or conducted completely under one control that all displays and speakers in the rooms play the same media content at the same time.
Divisible Classroom - Scheduled Task Management

Scheduled Task Management

Set scheduled tasks including message broadcasting and power on/off the devices (such as lights, displays, A/C, etc.) and automatically execute tasks to each oriented classroom. Greatly reduce the time cost and free IT admin from repeated daily management.
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