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Q-NEX Smart School Solution

Manage your school in an efficient way through Network

Schools are transforming towards campus automation to effectively run their daily device operations and functions in today’s interconnected world. The interactive technology and smart education help to enhance students’ learning intelligently, improve the quality of teaching, and optimize campus device management effectively.

Q-NEX Smart School Solution is a centralized solution for education that offers multimedia and IoT device control system as well as AV distribution system and a networked based school management software to regulate facilities on campus, which is designed to meet the comprehensive automation requirements of all types of educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, etc.

According to different school application scenarios, Q-NEX applies various smart education solutions to fully upgrade your school. It sets new standards for smart school in terms of intelligence, adaptability, efficiency, security, and sustainability, which provides a new dimension to education and redefines the “campus”.


Reduced ICT Budget

All-in-one solution
Simple implementation

School IoT Solution

Device management software
Campus networked ecosystem

Device Centralized Control

Classroom device power
Scheduled control task

AV Broadcasting

School PA system
Live class streaming

Supervise Property

Device detection
Repair report submit

Hassle-free Technology

Release repeated work
Easy to use for teacher

Application Scenarios

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Smart Classroom Solution

School smart classroom is a technology-enhanced classroom integrated with interactive displays, computers, centralized control system, device management software, networking, and audio/visual capabilities to make the class easier, more engaging, and interactive. The smart classroom design upgrades your traditional classroom to a smart one. Make the teaching and learning way visual, and all the classroom devices could be managed on a cloud-based remote control platform from anywhere with Internet access.

Lecture Capture Classroom Solution

Smart lecture capture classroom design supports lecture recording for after-class review and live class streaming on video platforms, which builds a hybrid classroom that enables both online and offline learning paths. There is no need for a video call and students are able to attend sessions at a designated time on a live class or come to the physical classroom, while the teachers join exclusively onsite. It brings attendance flexibility to the class, students can join virtually or physically with their availability.
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Lecture Hall Solution

This smart education program is designed for school larger spaces such as lecture halls, auditoriums, and other large classrooms. It transforms the ordinary classroom lectern into an intelligent one with fully centralized device control function. The technology in the classroom can be managed easily on a desktop control panel or web-based school management software platform. Equipped with multiple large displays for maximizing visibility, the same or different content on different displays can be shared during smart teaching to students.

Campus Wide AV Distribution Solution

School smart solution for campus-wide AV distribution is based on the AV-over-IP technology to realize not only audio and video broadcast, but also live streaming to the entire campus. Aside from ordinary classrooms, it delivers to school public places like libraries, corridors, canteen, etc., which can make full coverage of campus broadcasting on all connected display equipment. Simply control all the devices and public AV broadcasting function from anywhere by school device management software on Q-NEX web-based platform or Q-NEX mobile App.
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Divisible Room Solution

Along with Q-NEX NMP as the media and control processor installed in divided rooms, it can achieve independent AV control in each separated classroom, such as projector on/ off, electric projection screen up/ down, audio and video switcher, audio volume control, door lock etc., with NO interruption in daily use. And when there is a need to merge the 2 adjoining classrooms into one, one of the NMPs will take over the control of all AV media devices in both rooms, and all displays and speakers will be under control by that NMP and play the same media content at the same time.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is an educational approach where students work together in small groups to achieve a common learning goal. It involves active participation, interaction, and cooperation among group members to enhance their understanding of a subject or solve a problem collectively.

In group learning, students collaborate on tasks, discuss ideas, share perspectives, and contribute their knowledge and skills. They may engage in activities such as group discussions, projects, presentations, debates, problem-solving exercises, and peer teaching.

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