Conference Room Solution

Q-NEX Conference Room Solution

Q-NEX enhances the conference room experience, allowing for easy setup with simple connections and intuitive interfaces. It offers diverse meeting options, including presentations, online meetings, and centralized device control. The Q-NEX conference room audio video solutions cater to a broad spectrum of AV control meeting scenarios, seamlessly adapting to both online, and offline meetings and more, providing convenient centralized management for entire companies and enterprises.

Features of Q-NEX Conference Room Solution

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AV matrix switch
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Remote control
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Unified management
Conference Room Solution - meetiongroom 11
4K display experience
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Conference Room Solution - meetiongroom 18
All-in-one design
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Compact size
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Turnkey solution

Elevate your communication experience with Q-NEX tailored meeting room solutions, where clarity meets convenience. From small team huddles to expansive auditorium presentations, our comprehensive range of video conference room solutions is designed to cater to your specific collaborative needs. Discover the ideal fit for your space and communication requirements.

Intuitive Touch Panel for Device Control

Enhance your meeting experience with the assistance of Touch Panel on the conference room desktop. Effortlessly manage lights, air conditioners, electric curtains, interactive flat panels, PTZ cameras, and more for a comprehensive and user-friendly conference room control system.

BYOD & BYOM Support for Conference Meetings

Facilitate improved idea sharing on conference room display devices and harness the potential of video conferencing system for conference room devices through simplified connections. Enable an efficient and user-friendly experience for leveraging collaborative conferencing tools such as cameras, microphones, speakers, etc., fostering a better environment for collaboration.

Support for Offline and Online Meetings

Q-NEX meeting room solution provides a flexible experience, catering to physical offline and meeting room video conference system. During offline meetings, connect with meeting room terminal devices(like presentation switcher), efficiently initiating a collaborative sharing mode. When engaging in online meetings, regardless of location, efficient participation is guaranteed, ensuring productive engagement in meetings.

Seamless Connection for Quick Meeting Setup

Upon entering the conference room, simply connect to the Q-NEX central hub device, such as a Presentation switcher. This streamlined connection allows easy access to meeting room devices such as cameras, microphones, speakers, etc., facilitating a swift meeting initiation.

Flexible Display Options with Matrix Switch

Enjoy the flexibility of Q-NEX meeting room solutions with matrix switch support. Effortlessly switch meeting room screen content with a single touch, enabling conference room display solutions of rich content for more engaging presentations.

Remote Control of Meeting Room Devices

Accessible through a Web-based Console via browser or app, Q-NEX enables remote control of meeting room devices. Streamline pre-meeting setup and post-meeting power management for efficient use of conference room devices without location limitations.

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution for Smooth Experiences

Q-NEX meeting room solutions provide a turnkey experience, eliminating concerns about device compatibility. Tailored recommendations based on specific meeting room conditions including meeting room size, existing devices, furniture, etc, maximize device functionality and compatibility with conference room design, empowering seamless conference room usage.

Scalable for Different Conference Room Sizes

Q-NEX meeting room solutions are scalable and adaptable to diverse conference room sizes, including huddle rooms, mid-sized conference rooms, and auditoriums. Ideal for multi-functional purposes, such as presentations, brainstorming, online collaboration scenarios, and more.

Top Conference Room Audio Video Solution Trends

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Video conferencing solutions
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Interactive displays
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Collaborative Tools
Conference Room Solution - meetiongroom 53
High-Quality Audio Equipment
Conference Room Solution - meetiongroom 60
IoT Integration
Conference Room Solution - meetiongroom 61
4K Displays and Projectors
Conference Room Solution - meetiongroom 63
Energy-Efficient Technology
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Advanced Security Solutions


For small team collaborations, Q-NEX allows for one-click screen sharing, effortless device access, and connectivity up to 20 people within a 20-40 square meter space. Q-NEX small meeting room solution is designed to enhance intimate meeting settings.

Yes, Q-NEX’s all-in-one design is perfect for immersive presentations in spaces accommodating 50 or more people. Ensuring high integration and seamless connectivity, providing a digitized auditorium experience.

Q-NEX supports both offline and online meetings, providing flexible display options and seamless connections for quick setup. Whether it’s a physical meeting that requires connecting to terminal devices or an online conference across different locations, Q-NEX ensures efficient and productive engagement.

With a web-based console accessible through a browser or app, Q-NEX empowers remote control of meeting room devices. This capability ensures efficient room setup and device management, making the most out of every meeting space without concerning about physical location.

Yes, Q-NEX incorporates an intuitive Touch Control Panel for efficient management of conference room elements such as lights, climate control, and multimedia devices, ensuring a user-friendly control system for all conference room equipment.

Q-NEX is a scalable AV solution that caters to various conference room sizes, from huddle rooms for small teams to large auditoriums. It provides flexible and tailor-made solutions that adapt to the needs of any meeting scenario, ensuring that all functional requirements are met for presentations, online collaborations, and more.

Yes, Q-NEX incorporates energy-efficient technology and strives to use equipment that minimizes the ecological footprint, making it a responsible choice for modern businesses.