Smart Meeting Room

Conference Room Audio Visual Solution

Designed for meeting rooms, this solution utilizes Q-NEX Networked Media Processor(NMP) and professional audio and video system to realize unified device control and management in the meeting room.
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Layout of Connected Devices

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Intelligent Wireless Mic System

By connecting PTZ cameras to present real-time tracking of speakers, and support to connect up to 83 wireless gooseneck mics within signal coverage, allowing simultaneous speech up to 4 persons, remote video meeting can be easily started.

Central Control by Touch Panel

A stylish and versatile Touch Panel with graphical user interface empowers the meeting room central control with powering on and off the audio and video device, HDMI image switch, volume adjustment, and loT device control for light, A/C, e-curtain, etc.

Wireless Screen Sharing

Simply bring your own device to the meeting and share ideas with the rest of the team. Wireless presentation system allows you to present contents from your laptop or mobile device wirelessly to the office display, stimulating brainstorming and team discussion.

Scheduled Tasks for Efficient Managment

Scheduled tasks can be set to power on and off the devices including lights, air conditioners, curtains, displays, etc. Before a meeting starts, the system would automatically get all devices in the room ready for use by scheduled time, which greatly improve the efficiency of a meeting.

All-in-one Display

IQTouch, a mobile board that houses a computer, TV, whiteboard and document camera all in one unit. By providing a solution that is easy to use, feature-rich, and writing-smooth, which meets your event needs for a conference room.

Dual Screen Display

Two displays can be connected to Q-NEX NMP for image switch of dual screen, by presenting the same content, or differently with one screen for video conferencing and the other one for content sharing, which gives the team more collaborative and efficient meeting experience.

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