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Q-NEX App: Streamline School Operations with One App

Educational institutions face the ongoing challenge of managing a wide variety of devices on their campuses. Q-NEX App is designed specifically for addressing the most pressing pain points of campus’ device management. Help you easily control school devices from anywhere, at any time, using just your fingertips.

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Make Device Management Easier

Seamlessly integrate with existing devices and effortlessly manage multimedia devices from a single, centralized location. With powerful device control features, you’ll be able to power on and off the equipment throughout the school with your mobile device.

Deliver Broadcasting over Campus

Q-NEX App also includes robust content push capabilities, allowing you to easily distribute video, audio, and text content throughout the campus. Additionally, it provides emergency broadcasting services that are essential, for instance, during extreme weather conditions.

More Flexible AV Presentation

With Q-NEX App, you can now easily switch between multiple video and audio sources with just a few taps on your smart phone. No more complicated and bulky hardware but a sleek and user-friendly app that puts the power of AV matrix switching right in your pocket.

Automatic Workflow for Device Control

Q-NEX App offers a powerful task scheduling feature that provides a precise and reliable approach to managing your requirements. With traditional teaching methods, a lot of auxiliary equipment needs to be set up before a teacher can start a class. However, Q-NEX App addresses this pain point by automating the process through our task scheduling feature. As a result, teachers can focus on presenting their courseware, while the Q-NEX App takes care of the rest.

Report A Repair in Real-Time

And if something goes wrong for your equipment? Q-NEX App has you covered there, too. Our app includes a streamlined repair system that allows students and teachers to quickly report issues with their devices. Reports are automatically routed to the appropriate technicians, allowing for fast and efficient repairs.

What can Q-NEX APP do for campus device management?