Digital Podium

Digital Podium NDP100

Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 smartens up lecturing environments such as classroom and meeting with its powerful all-in-one integration and network-based remote control and management. The interactive digital podium allows for seamless device control and operation during lectures. Its integration with in-room multimedia devices creates a user-friendly experience, empowering lecturers to better engage and interact with students.  What’s more, the automated touchscreen digital podium features an all-in-one design and universal AV and control ports. This enables remote control of integrated devices through network-based access. Features like AV broadcasting, live streaming and automation tasks can be easily managed through app or web-based control. Also, the digital podium offers customizable device integration to suit the specific needs of your organization. Create a genuine smart and hassle-free lecturing environment that enhances the learning experience for all.

Digital Podium - NDP 2
Digital Podium - NDP 3

Device control at one stop

Converges multiple multimedia devices for simplified and seamless control at one stop. Making all the device control near at hand.
Digital Podium - NDP 4

Effortless AV contents switch

3X3 AV matrix switch and seamless touch-following to the big screen. Better engage and ignite students learning enthusiasm with continuous flow of enriched audiovisual resources with timely annotation.
Digital Podium - NDP 5

Unified Connectivity

The Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 offers abundant interfaces, including AV and control ports. Notably, NDP100 features a full-functioned Type-C port, delivering charge, network connectivity, and smooth transmission of audiovisual data to connected laptops, ensuring effortless connectivity for presenters, and allowing seamless integration regardless of the type of computer they bring.

Digital Podium - NDP 6

Stay connected with whole campus

Reliable and automatic playing of the campus-wide AV broadcasting and live streaming for school announcement, important notification, lectures, special events and so on. Always stay connected with the whole campus. (Media server required)

Digital Podium - NDP 7

Easy device integration and upgrade

Easy integration with various types of multimedia devices, allowing continuous classroom hardware upgrade or expansions.

Digital Podium - NDP 8

Hybrid learning across campus and beyond

Convenient live streaming of lectures across the classrooms throughout the campus and to those online remote learningstudents. Maximize the teaching resources, teaching efficiency, and education equality.

Digital Podium - NDP 9

Maximized efficiency

Support automation schedule for the device to power on or off at predefined time. Saving energy and reducing workload.

Inside the Q-NEX Digital Podium

Q-NEX Digital Podium NDP100 incorporates Network Media Processor (NMP), touch panel for control, wireless mics, interactive pen display for annotation, built-in PC, document camera, wireless charging area, gooseneck microphone and abundant AV and control interfaces in a stylish lectern. It is capable of integrating with in-room multimedia devices with its universal AV ports, LAN switch, AV matrix switch, wireless mic system, AV decoder, power relay, serial control module, digital amplifier, electrical lock module and so on for a centralized and remote-control management.

Digital Podium - NDP 10

Interactive pen display

Touch panel

Gooseneck microphone

Digital Podium - NDP 13

Wireless charging

Digital Podium - NDP 14

Abundant interfaces

Networked Media Processor

Document camera(optional)

Digital Podium - NDP100 14

Built-in PC

*A Lite Media Server is required for pushing AV broadcast and live streaming to the digital podium.

Application Diagram

Application Scenario

Digital Podium - NDP 20
Q-NEX digital podium enables seamless AV content sharing and one-touch device control for effective audience engagement in auditoriums.
Digital Podium - NDP 21
Seminar Halls
Q-NEX creates highly interactive and collaborative meeting experiences in seminar halls with integrated AV device control and content sharing from one spot.
Digital Podium - NDP 22

Q-NEX digital podium maximizes engagment and interaction with students through seamless display of AV contents and device control while enabling a hybrid classroom through its connection with lecture capture system.

Digital Podium NDP100 Video

Why Should You Use Digital Podium?

Q-NEX digital podium offers smart and highly automated multimedia environment. It allows instructor or presenters to better engage and interact with audiences or participants with seamless presentation of AV contents through convenient one-touch control,igniting their passion for creativity and innovation. Q-NEX digital podium stands out in its application for classroom, conference room, auditorium, seminar hall, board room, training rooms, etc., enabling convenient content sharing and device control.

The smart digital podium offers unified control with one-touch operation, allowing presenters to easily manage the podium and other multimedia devices in the room. Say goodbye to multiple remotes and complex setups.
Create interactive presentations with the smart digital podium’s seamless display of diverse audio-visual (AV) content. From presentations to videos, interactive media and annotations, captivate your audience with a dynamic experience.
Utilize cloud connectivity to access and share teaching materials and AV content effortlessly. Stay up-to-date with the latest and most relevant resources, fostering an enriched learning environment.
Broadcast your presentations campus-wide by leveraging the smart podium’s AV broadcasting and live streaming capabilities. From emergency notifications to speeches, hybrid classes, and campus events, reach the entire campus community.
The smart digital podium promotes environmental consciousness with its eco-friendly and sustainable design. Easily integrate it into existing infrastructure, minimizing the need for complete replacements or hardware upgrades.
Control the smart digital podium and integrated devices from your mobile device using apps or web-based platforms. Enjoy enhanced mobility and flexibility during device management.

Preset the smart digital podium to automate tasks such as scheduling device power on/off and managing AV broadcasting and live streaming. Streamline your event planning and ensure a seamless presentation experience.


A digital podium also known as smart lectern is a technologically advanced presentation platform with multimedia capabilities and interactive features. It allows seamless integration of diverse content during presentations, fostering audience engagement and interactivity.
A digital podium offers enhanced presentations with multimedia capabilities, fostering interactive engagement and efficient teaching. It provides access to cloud resources, promotes sustainability, and facilitates campus-wide connectivity, creating a modern learning environment.
Smart podiums vary in size depending on the model, with dimensions typically ranging from approximately 36 inches to 48 inches in width and 24 inches to 36 inches in depth.
A digital podium works by combining built-in computer, AV equipment to facilitate seamless presentations. Presenters can control the podium through a user-friendly interface , enabling them to switch to diferent multimedia content, interact with the audience, and access cloud resources for an engaging presentation experience.

A digital podium’s main features include multimedia integration for diverse content, touchscreens or one-touch control panel, built-in AV equipment, connectivity control port for external devices, and cloud connectivity. It also offers interactive tools, mobile control, and collaboration support, creating a versatile and engaging presentation platform.

Yes, a digital podium can be integrated with other devices through its control and AV ports options, allowing presenters to connect laptops with HDMI or Type-C ports, tablets, projectors, displays, air-conditioners, lights, and other external equipment. This integration enhances the podium’s versatility and enables seamless content sharing and control during presentations. 

Yes, you can connect your laptop or other external devices to the digital podium using various connectivity options like USB, HDMI, Type-C, charge, network, or wireless connections. This enables seamless integration of your content during presentations and gives you control over what is displayed to the audience.

Q-NEX digital podium is composed of an interactive pen display for annotation, Networked Media Processor (NMP), two wireless mics, gooseneck mic, document camera, touch panel for network-based device control, and abundant interfaces.

AV contents switch is realized through AV matrix switch with seamless touch-following feature. Annotation is made possible through the interactive pen display.

Yes, you can annnotate on the screen contents timely when you switch to different AV contents.

Q-NEX digital podium allows users to set automatiion schedule for the powering on/off of the podium and podium connected devices. And it supports sharing lectures across the campus via AV broadcasting or live streaming by connecting it with a lecture capture system, creating a hybrid learning environment

Setting up the NDP100 in your lecture hall?

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