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Collaborative Learning Solution

Collaborative learning, also known as group learning or cooperative learning, refers to an educational approach where students work together in small groups to achieve a common learning goal. It involves active participation, interaction, and cooperation among group members to enhance their understanding of a subject or solve a problem collectively.

In group learning, students collaborate on tasks, discuss ideas, share perspectives, and contribute their individual knowledge and skills. They may engage in activities such as group discussions, projects, presentations, debates, problem-solving exercises, and peer teaching.

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Features of Q-NEX Collaborative Learning Solution

In a traditional classroom setting, teachers are limited to sharing screen content with multiple learning groups, which only allows for one-way communication. This restricts teachers’ ability to seamlessly and effectively engage with students, let alone facilitate dynamic classes that ignite students’ curiosity, enthusiasm, and active participation.

Q-NEX collaborative learning solution endeavors to bridge these gaps by enabling seamless two-way screen-sharing control between teachers and students. This innovative solution not only empowers teachers to deliver vibrant classes that greatly enhance students’ interaction, but it also encourages students to actively participate in classroom discussions and yield fruitful outcomes.

Tools for team collaboration like document sharing, online meetings, team chat, etc.
Easy creation and sharing of custom content, notes and group activities.
Encourage critical thinking and group competition to promote engaged learning.
Collect group work and broadcast to all for comparative teaching.
Flexibility to support both synchronous and asynchronous group learning.
Maximize efficient and seamless teacher-student interaction and group discussion.

Layout of Connected Devices

Application scenarios.

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Convenient Screen Sharing for Teachers' Lecturing

During lecturing, the teacher can wirelessly share screen contents from personal device (laptops or tablets) to the classroom display, and also to all or targeted group TVs, so that students can see the presentation clearly within their own group. Through the IQPodium interactive pen display, the teacher can easily make annotations and sync the content to students. Lecturing is made easier.
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Easy Interaction and Collaboration among Students in a Group

In a group discussion, each group member can present personal content from his laptop or mobile devices to the group TV for efficient discussion. So, students do not need to move around in the group exchanging ideas. It maximizes the student’s interaction and collaboration within the group.

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Share Ideas across the Groups with Teacher-student Interaction

When students finish their discussion, the teacher can capture the group work from targeted or all the group TVs onto the big screen, then share the screen contents across the groups, enabling all the class to see the discussion result, make comparisons or comments. It not only improves students’ engagement with a better learning experience but also enables students to think proactively.

Easy Integration with Lecture Capture System

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With IQVideo lecture capture system, class can be recorded or live streamed to Facebook /YouTube for remote learning students. Also through integration with Q-NEX AV broadcast solution, the group learning class can be broadcasted live via the Q-NEX platform to students campus-wide.
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Touch Panel Enabled Control

By integrating with Q-NEX NMP (Networked Media Processor),teachers can directly control the two-way screen sharing on the NMP touch panel via RS232 protocol for greater convenience. It allows teacher to control the screen sharing and NMP-connected IoT devices at one stop.

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