Small Video Conference System

Small Video Conference System

Q-NEX Small video conference system caters to the quick, small-group meeting needs, whether for brief work updates or brainstorming sessions. In such meeting room scenarios, the emphasis is on the ability to swiftly initiate meetings, intuitively share screen content, freely express ideas for brainstorming, and facilitate seamless collaboration.

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4-20 people



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Matrix Switching

Q-NEX Small Meeting Room Solution supports matrix switching, enabling dynamic content switching during meetings. This flexibility allows for the seamless display of diverse and engaging content, enhancing the overall meeting experience.

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BYOD Screen Sharing

Supports both wired and wireless solutions for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) screen sharing. Whether ensuring a stable connection through wired means or enhancing flexibility with wireless options, BYOD empowers speakers to share presentation content on large screens, effectively highlighting and conveying the essence of their presentations.

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BYOM Integration

Seamlessly initiate meetings by connecting to the conference terminal device NPS100, effortlessly deploying meeting room peripherals like cameras and microphones. This convenient feature enables communication between local and online participants, breaking spatial limitations for online meetings.

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Touch Panel Control

Unified control through an intelligent Touch Panel ensures streamlined access, facilitating centralized management of multiple devices within the meeting room. The intuitive touch control experience enhances overall usability.

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Seamless Collaboration

NPS100 integrates functions like AV matrix switching, device central control, BYOM, etc. The conference room laptop only needs to connect to the NPS to adopt the meeting room devices. This eliminates the necessity for individual device connections and ensures a swift meeting startup.

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Remote Control of Meeting Room Devices

Facilitating remote control of meeting room devices allows for the centralized management of multiple meeting rooms within the organization. This not only reduces manual operations but also supports scheduling, simplifying pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting device management.

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