Desktop Digital Podium

Smart Podium NDP500:
Desktop Digital Podium for Classrooms

Q-NEX Desktop Digital Podium NDP500, a desktop all-in-one smart podium specifically crafted for classrooms that already possess a lectern. Simply place it on top of the existing lectern, and a conversion to a smart podium is achieved. The smart digital podium can elevate your teaching experience by turning a traditional podium into a smart podium for classroom. Also, it can enhance your presentation capabilities, improve your positioning convenience, and enable flexible content display. 

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Capacitive Pen&Finger Touch

Q-NEX NDP500 smart podium supports both finger and pen writing. It allows gesture controls for clicking, zooming, and roaming, while pen for annotations. This desktop writing capability enhances the teacher’s experience, fostering eye contact between presenters and audience.

Desktop Digital Podium - 04

Dual Screens with Optical Bonding

The smart tech podium features two screens for annotation and local device control. The screens employ optical bonding technology, providing teachers with a comfortable visual, touch, and writing experience.

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30°-60° Screen Adjustment

The desktop integrated smart podium can be placed on a traditional lectern, offering a screen angle adjustment from 30° to 60° for convenient switching between sitting and standing positions, bringing the lecturer more comfortable experience during class.

Desktop Digital Podium - 06

3x2 AV Matrix Switch

The 3×2 matrix switch allows teachers to flexibly switch input and output devices in the classroom, enabling dynamically switch and showcase desired content on screens. Whether presenting identical or different content on multiple screens in a multi-screen classroom, the matrix switch provides a versatile and adaptable display experience. 

Desktop Digital Podium - 07

Unified Device Control from Local and Network

The desktop all-in-one digital  podium enables seamless one-click activation of classroom devices (lights, interactive flat panels, projectors, etc.). It offers control over air conditioning temperature and mode adjustments. NDP500 provides unified control through both local and network-based remote access, allowing centralized device management across multiple classrooms.

Desktop Digital Podium - 08

Remotely Control from Anywhere

The smart podium allows remote control from local touch panel or remotely from anywhere globally. The Web-based Console permits convenient control through Web browsers or APP from mobile phone through the Internet, ensuring accessibility from any location.

Desktop Digital Podium - 09

AV Broadcasting and Live Streaming

Q-NEX NDP500 desktop smart podium facilitates campus-wide audiovisual broadcasting or live streaming over the network. Whether initiating real-time broadcasts or scheduling different audio or video to various classrooms, it offers extensive possibilities.

Desktop Digital Podium - 10

Wireless Microphone & Sound Amplification System

Equipped with a wireless microphone system and built-in amplification, Q-NEX NDP500 desktop smart podium makes it easy for teachers to amplify their voice locally, ensuring a more effortless teaching experience.

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Handy use on the built-in computer

Integrated with a high-end computer, the desktop smart podium not only saves teachers the trouble to bring their own laptop to the classroom, but also spare classroom space for installing an extra PC.

Why Should You Use Desktop Digital Podium?

Q-NEX NDP500 smart podium’s dual screens with optical bonding provide a comfortable visual, touch, and writing experience. Teachers can use these screens for annotations and controlling local devices, making presentations more engaging and interactive.

The ability of Q-NEX NDP500 smart podium for classroom can adjust the screen angle from 30° to 60°, which accommodates teaching postures ranging from seated to standing positions, greatly enhancing the comfort and effectiveness of the presenter.

Q-NEX NDP500 smart digital podium 3×2 AV matrix switch function enables flexible switching for displaying different content across multiple screens. It can also facilitate the clear display of identical content across all classroom screens, ensuring that students in every corner can see clearly.

The ability to control the Q-NEX NDP500 smart tech podium both locally and remotely offers significant convenience. Teachers can manage classroom devices (like interactive flat panels, interactive projectors, interactive whiteboard, lights, etc.) from anywhere, anytime, providing ease of use and efficiency in managing the classroom devices and overall learning environment.

Q-NEX NDP500 desktop all-in-one digital podium supports to receive campus-wide AV broadcasting and live streaming, enabling real-time broadcasts or scheduled content delivery to different classrooms. This is ideal for school-wide announcements or sharing educational content across multiple classes.

The Q-NEX NDP500 desktop smart podium can be placed on top of existing lecterns, making it easy to convert traditional podiums into smart podiums without the need for significant changes to classroom layout or infrastructure.

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Smart podium is a compact and technologically advanced tabletop presentation device designed for classroom and lecture environments. It integrates multimedia equipment with interaction and device centralized control features, providing an all-in-one solution for presenters.

A desktop smart podium enhances classroom engagement through highly integrated functionality design. It simplifies control of classroom equipment, providing convenience for flexible display of class content. Moreover, placing it on top of existing lecterns can transform them into smart lecterns.

Smart podium works by integrating multimedia equipment like the teacher’s laptop, document camera, passive speaker, air conditioner, light, etc. for centralized control. They enable presenters to better leverage audiovisual devices, share digital content, and engage with the audience.

Smart podium supports connecting various classroom devices, including laptops, interactive flat panels, projectors, interactive whiteboards, air-conditioners, lights, etc. This compatibility allows seamless integration with existing classroom technology and simplifies classroom devices control through simple entry.

Smart podium key features include 3×2 AV matrix switch, device control both locally and remotely, extensive campus-wide AV broadcasting and live streaming capabilities.

Yes. smart podium NDP500 supports laptop connectivity with HDMI/Type-C ports, allowing presenters to share content freely from laptop to display devices in the classroom.

Yes, a smart podium NDP500 can be connected to a variety of devices such as interactive flat panels, projectors, visualizers, microphones, and more, creating an integrated audiovisual environment to simplify teaching operation.

Q-NEX desktop smart podium NDP500 has a unique advantage with its network access feature. This capability facilitates remote control and operation over the Internet, enabling whole-school management. Through scheduled actions, such as powering off devices when classes conclude or broadcasting videos during designated class slots, Q-NEX desktop smart podium NDP500 ensures efficient and tailored utilization in educational environments.