Medium Room Solution

Medium Meeting Room Solution

Q-NEX Medium Room Solution is designed to deliver a clear audio and visual experience for meetings rooms.  The innovative technology ensures clear audio and visual communication, creating a focused and efficient meeting environment for 20-50 participants. Experience intelligent wireless mic systems, camera tracking, and central control for seamless meetings

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20-50 people



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Intelligent Wireless Mic System

The desktop gooseneck microphones support around 80 connections or more, enabling simultaneous speech. This system ensures clear speech output without the need to be close to the microphone, enhancing the overall effectiveness of meetings.

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Camera Tracking the Active SpeakerScreen Sharing

Connecting PTZ cameras to desktop microphones enables tracking of the active speaker. When meeting participant activates the microphone, the camera follows the speaker’s movements, enhancing focus and engagement in both online and offline conferencing scenarios. The meeting room supports multiple PTZ camera connections and switching, providing comprehensive multi-angle camera tracking and recording within the conference space.

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Central Control by Touch Panel

A stylish and versatile Touch Panel with graphical user interface empowers the meeting room central control with powering on and off the audio and video device, HDMI image switch, volume adjustment, and loT device control for light, A/C, e-curtain, etc.

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Online Meeting Support

In video conferencing scenarios, the software can directly connect to NPS-connected devices, utilizing meeting room microphones and cameras. This feature simplifies the process for meeting participants during online meetings, fostering communication between local and online attendees, overcoming spatial limitations.

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Remote Control of Meeting Room Device

Enabling remote control of meeting room devices supports the centralized management of multiple meeting rooms within the organization. This feature reduces manual operations, supports scheduling, and simplifies pre-meeting preparation and post-meeting device management.

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Local Audio Amplification

Tailored for medium meeting rooms, this solution provides gentle local audio amplification for improved sound clarity, enhances the overall audio experience for participants, ensuring a more immersive and effective meeting environment.

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