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Q-NEX Media Box

Q-NEX Media Box (MBX) is made for creating the network broadcasting of smart campus, which applies to audio and video distribution outside classrooms: corridors, canteens, libraries, etc. MBX can receive not only scheduled broadcast task for audio, video and message broadcast, also live streaming audio or video content in every corner of the campus.

Media Box - MBX

Functions of Interfaces

Media Box - 20230519
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Product Features

HD A/V Broadcast
Support up to 1920*1080 high-definition audio and video broadcast signals as well as text broadcast with low latency
Live Streaming
Support receiving audio live annoucement and video live streaming smoothly without stuttering
Task Schedule
Support scheduled tasks for audio and video broadcast; support broadcasting different audio and video content to selected zones
Display Auto Control
Support automatically turn on the display device when broadcasting; support power control of the display device through App/Web
Converged System
Working with Media Server and NMP to form a converged system with two applications (control + broadcast) and low cost in implementation
Broadcast through HDMI
Support receiving broadcast or live streaming content through HDMI with interactive flat panel, TV monitor, projector or touch screen of any brand
Instant broadcasting
All the displays received the scheduled or live broadcasting content through network can play synchronously without caching
Remote & Unified Control
Support unified remote management and control on the Q-NEX Console through Internet without restrictions of time and place

Application Scenarios

Media Box - Hardware MBX 12

Audio Broadcast

Light music during lunch break/Listening test for language learning class/School bell ringtones…

Video Broadcast

Video courses/School culture promotion video/Recorded programs by the campus TV station…
Media Box - Hardware MBX 13
Media Box - Hardware MBX 14

Message Broadcast

Important notice/Today’s menu of canteen/Today’s recommended books from library…

Audio Live Streaming

Live announcement/Campus radio station/Breaking news broadcast…
Media Box - Hardware MBX 15
Media Box - Hardware MBX 16

Video Live Streaming

Principal’s speech/School events on live/Live lectures…
Model MBX100
LAN switch 1*10M /100M R45 network switch ports
Video 1 * 3.5mm line out
Audio format MP3, WAV, FLAC, Ogg, Opus and other mainstream audio formats
Video format MP4.MKV.RMVB,RM,MP3,MOV, AVl, FLV,WMV and other mainstream formats
Communication Interface 1*RS232;1*infrared remote control
Power amplifier 2*(40W+40W)
Power control 1* power in(DC12V);1* single pole double throw(SPDT) switch
Digital audio broadcasting With high-efficiency audio decoding function, combined with the streaming service system, it can directly realizethe decoding output of lP digital broadcasting in classrooms, like to schedule ringing and remote audio broadcastingsuch as school bells.
Streaming media broadcasting Supports mainstream streaming media protocols such as HLS,RTSP,RTMP,RTP, and can receive hiah-definitionstreaming content or online TV programs from the server
TXT message announcement Can send text broadcasts, support mandatory broadcasts, can enter title and text, and set broadcast duration
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