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Transform your campus into a smart and connected environment with Q-NEX's innovative AV Solutions. Our all-in-one solution integrates the latest cloud IoT technology and AV over IP, revolutionizing multimedia classroom experiences and networked AV distribution. Say goodbye to separate AV systems and hello to our Networked Media Processor, the cornerstone of our audio visual solution, that combines heating control, remote control, energy management,security system,alarm system, multimedia, network, HVAC and more, tailored to meet your specific educational needs. Experience effortless management and seamless operation with Q-NEX's AV Solutions, the perfect choice for a smarter, more connected campus. In the corporate world, Q-NEX provides professional AV solutions that streamline and simplify audio visual experiences. Our cutting-edge technology merges cloud IoT and AV over IP to create a seamless AV distribution system, ideal for corporate environment. With features like digital podium integration, a powerful PA system, and room automation control, Q-NEX offers a unified platform for all your audio visual needs. Enjoy convenient control and remote management for the meeting efficiency through our web-based platform, with the added convenience of desktop touch panel control.

About Q-NEX

Q-NEX is a new brand subordinated to Returnstar Interactive Technology Co., Ltd, blessed by the endeavor of Returnstar IQ in serving various educational institutions in the worldwide in the past decade, has accumulated abundant centralized AV control system experience in providing more comprehensive AV solutions to higher education and conference meeting room

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Highly-integrated device

Q-NEX terminal units are all-in-one devices integrated with versatile functional modules, specially designed to meet all kinds of application scenarios under classroom and meeting room automation control environment.

Powerful functions

Q-NEX AV distributed control system can realize device centralized control through Internet, campus-wide live streaming, audio and video broadcasting, scheduled task management and other functions.

Networked remote control

Q-NEX terminal units can be operated flexibly by local classroom control panel, web-based Console or mobile APP.

Simplified deployment

Q-NEX smart solution can be implemented under the school’s existing network infrastructure. Q-NEX terminal units are easy to be installed, and can be configured without programming.

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