What we can guarantee you?

Product Warranty

      • Duration

    Standard warranty period for Q-NEX products is 1year.

    We do not replace or refund any sold product except for quality problem.

        • Disclaimers

      The warranty does not cover the following cases:

          1. Man-made surface corruption, break, distortion, or damages due to improper installation, operation, and maintenance.

          1. Connecting port is distorted or cracked; PCB is distorted, cracked, damaged or burned; chip is severely burned.

          1. The warranty period has expired.

          1. Product repaired by unauthorized service provider or personnel, or disassembled by users themselves.

          1. The original label or bar code has been removed, damaged or modified.

            • Accessories

          The electronic accessories are warranted for six months and cannot be extended. The contract terms shall prevail. CD and package are not covered by warranty.