April 28, 2023

How Smart Campus Solutions Are Changing the Future of Learning

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How Smart Campus Solutions Are Changing the Future of Learning


As the number of devices in the classroom increases, so managing equipment is also becoming increasingly important. To give IT administrators better control of their devices, there are more and more smart solutions emerging. The future of education is changing now. IQ is dedicated to educated over 17 years. Our company has various smart solutions. To better use the space of the hall. We will introduce the Lecture Hall Solution to you. This solution is mainly for auditoriums, lecture halls, and other large classrooms. If you want to get a more powerful function for it, please click on our official website qnextech.com. And if you have any questions please tell us.

1. What is the Integrate with Digital Lectern

Teachers and students are hard to interact well when a classroom is too large. To improve interaction and collaboration teachers should have a digital lectern. On the one hand, the lectern in the classroom can control other devices. This makes it easier for teachers to use the equipment of the hall. Increase the interaction between students and teachers through devices centrally.  

1.1 Connecting devices and layout

The Q-NEX NMP (Networked Media Processor) is the core product of the smart solution. As a highly-integrated product, NMP has powerful functions, it is small in size and simple for wiring, therefore NMP can be perfectly adapted to various classroom lecterns. It is an ideal solution to refurbish the old lecterns into a digital one. On this product, there are 3 HDMI in ports and 3 HDMI out ports as well as many other interfaces. Which means it can control over 3 devices. Such as displays, projectors, lighting, curtains, air conditioning, and so on. And it also allows the teacher to easily power control input sources. The teacher could stand in front of the lectern to control the display and projector with one click. Such as power control air conditioning. The NMP with IQPodium PD150 could offer more possibilities. The teacher can touch and annotate on the podium. The solution’s highlighting feature is easy to use. And it allows the user to easily control multiple devices.

How Smart Campus Solutions Are Changing the Future of Learning - IQShare BYOM 16
How Smart Campus Solutions Are Changing the Future of Learning – IQShare BYOM 16

2. Digital lectern enhances the teacher experience

The digital lectern can offer many flexible solutions. The IQPodium can be used to upgrade the role of the podium. The interactive digital screen is equipped with an electromagnetic pen. It helps teachers and business people to communicate more effectively. This product enables more communication with the audience. Because as you write, draw or otherwise manipulate, you can see the same content on both your device and display. This allows you to keep more eye contact with the audience. You can annotate the lesson at any time and make the large screen under control through the podium.

3. Advantages of the digital lectern

The intelligent lectern can be used for online teaching scenarios for teachers. You can get timely feedback when giving a presentation to an audience. There are many other advantages besides.

3.1 Collaborative learning

One of the main advantages of the Lecture Hall Solution is to improve collaboration between teachers and students. Q-NEX Lecture Hall Solution allows students to have more interaction and engage in class. And it’s better to have discussions and other educational activities in the classroom. For teachers, it allows for better interaction with students and increased eye contact. For students, it can increase participation and interest in the course.

3.2 Remote control

The control platform is available in all of Q-NEX’s intelligent solutions. This also means that remote control is available in the lecture theatre solution. The control platform allows teachers to control audio, video, and other multimedia resources. They can through their APP console or Web console to broadcasting. What’s more, it also allows real-time monitoring of the status of the classroom’s equipment. Troubleshooting can be done on time to ensure smooth operations.

3.3 Energy-saving solutions

All Q-NEX solutions are save-energy and efficient. Smart lecture solutions use to reduce the waste of resources. For example, the NMP can automatically power off devices and other energy-saving features. This means that sustainability is promoted and operating costs are reduced. And NMP offers centralized control and multi-functional options. You do not need to buy new equipment, we can provide central control on your existing equipment. Our company is the best choice for transforming interactive learning environments. You can click here to request a quote.

4. Application scenarios

In practical use, the choice of features can be customized to the customer’s needs.

4.1 Remote control via web platform

Remote control of equipment is possible via the web-based console platform. The IT administrator can control the devices on campus at any time. The status of devices can also be checked at any time. If the administrators check the reported repair information, it is convenient for them to make timely checks.

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4.2 Broadcast linkage

The administrator or the teacher can set up a scheduled task in the web-based console platform. For example, it can carry out the broadcasting task and automatically power control the equipment. If the headmaster needs to live broadcast, he or she can do the live streaming through the web console. When receiving the campus AV broadcast or the principal’s live broadcast, NMP can automatically roll down the projection screen and turn on the projector. It is easy to use for the user.

The Q-NEX Lecture Hall Solution transforms a traditional classroom into an interactive environment. The teachers can annotate their courseware via the digital screen. The interactive devices can improve students’ interest. And the equipment makes student easy to keep track of the content on the large screen. In addition, the teacher can power control the input source. He can switch the PC and the wireless presentation system via the control panel. We also offer a wide range of related products and you can find out more about the possibilities by clicking here. Overall, our intelligent solutions can enhance the presentation experience. It can also optimize the educational space. Most importantly it also allows for effective cost control. The energy-saving and emission-reduction features are also friendly to the environment. Please contact us if you are interested!

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