May 30, 2023

Q-NEX Delivers Custom School AV Integration for Smart Campuses

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Q-NEX Delivers Custom School AV Integration for Smart Campuses


Q-NEX is a leader in custom audio visual integration solutions tailored to schools and higher education institutions.

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Components of QNEX smart campus solutions

Their smart campus solutions offer centralized control of AV technology across existing network infrastructure, including custom school av integration of:

Smart classrooms

Smart classrooms: Automated control of devices like projectors, interactive displays, voice amplification, lighting, etc. Simplify the use of multimedia tools in lessons. 

Lecture capture systems

Lecture capture systems: Record, edit, and distribute video and audio of lectures and presentations. Make lessons available on-demand for students online. 

Campus AV broadcasting

Campus AV broadcasting: Distribute video, audio, and digital signage across an entire institution. Keep students and staff informed with real-time or pre-scheduled announcements.  

Meeting spaces

Meeting spaces: Provide simple yet robust AV functionality for collaboration in meeting rooms, auditoriums, lecture halls and divisible classrooms.    

Benefits of Q-NEX’s networked control platform

Q-NEX’s networked control platform connects AV devices and touch panels across a school to enable convenient centralized management through web or mobile apps. IT administrators can remotely monitor, schedule, and troubleshoot systems from anywhere. Schools gain a powerful customized solution without needing to replace existing infrastructure.

As an AV OEM and ODM integrator, Q-NEX develops innovative products and provides end-to-end services to build smart education solutions based on each school’s unique needs and vision. Their advanced yet accessible technology helps schools adopt new tools for more interactive and impactful learning with confidence. Continuous improvements to software, hardware, and integration workflows ensure maximum value and longevity. 

Q-NEX custom school AV integration solutions converge multimedia devices into a unified ecosystem, empowering educators to focus on teaching while simplifying device control and monitoring. Schools rely on Q-NEX as a trusted partner to plan, design, integrate, and support custom smart campus environments built around enhancing the learning experience.Discover Q-NEX’s full range of custom school audio-visual integration and smart education solutions at Building the classrooms of tomorrow, today. 

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