June 15, 2023

Q-NEX Solution:Building a Budget-saving & Highly Automated Smart Campus

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Q-NEX Solution:Building a Budget-saving & Highly Automated Smart Campus


In recent years, smart campuses have undergone great changes. An increasing number of schools are looking for ways to integrate all IoT devices into one system with centralized control and management. Q-NEX, as a leading provider of smart campus solutions, offers Networked Media Processors (NMPs) to converge devices from different systems into unified control. This helps schools build more intelligent and automated campuses, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

1. What is NMP?

An NMP. a kind of control processor, is a device that has universal AV ports. With Q-NEX NMP, you can connect all kinds of electrical devices like interactive displays, air conditioners, lamps, document cameras, and so on. By converging all the devices into NMP, you will be able to control the NMP-connected devices over the Q-NEX cloud web platform and Q-NEX app remotely over networks.

1.1 Unified control and management

In a traditional smart campus, devices are running on different systems, and are installed separately with complex wirings. To install devices, schools have to connect wires for each individual device all the way to places like classrooms, corridors, auditoriums, and so on without centralized and unified deployment. When devices become so many, the wiring will get messy. If any of the devices go bad, it is hard for you to be notified of the broken devices for a timely fix.

1.2 Organized and reduced wiring

With the Q-NEX solution, everything gets cleared up and simplified with unified control. You can easily converge devices from the different systems into NMP with unified control and management on the Q-NEX platform. Now you won’t see the messy wiring because you only connect the devices to the NMP. And once there are any devices that go bad, you can easily find and replace them. However, is it easy to upgrade the existing system?

1.3 Easy integration and upgrade

In the Q-NEX solution, you can easily connect all kinds of electrical devices to it like interactive displays, lights, and air conditioners, as NMP is equipped with universal AV ports and interfaces for seamless integration. When the device is far away from NMP, you can use CBX for extended connections. So, you can readily replace the device while upgrading the system with new devices.

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2. Remote monitoring

In the Q-NEX solution, you can monitor device usage and status on the Q-NEX platform anywhere any time, it gives you a full picture of device status including device usage and operation time. This not only improves the convenience of device monitoring but also allows you to analyze the teacher’s teaching quality based on device status and power consumption, and look for opportunities for device deployment. So, these are features that benefit the school principal. Let’s move our attention to what benefits the IT administrator can get from our solution.

2.1 Device remote control

With remote monitoring and control capabilities, Q-NEX solutions provide significant benefits to both school principals and IT administrators. Imagine you are an IT administrator, and you just received a phone call from teachers for having no access to the classroom. Will you quickly go to the classroom physically to help the teachers? You can probably do that, but it is very time-consuming and is not efficient at all. By the time you get there, it is already too late. Your response is not fast enough. With the Q-NEX solution, you can do all kinds of control remotely and efficiently without being onsite when you receive a call from a teacher for having no access to a classroom, you can grant him or her access to the classroom and devices using the Q-NEX app or web platform anywhere any time. You can do more energy control, like turning on/off light, air-conditioners and interactive display remotely.

2.2 Automated task schedule

Schools are getting smarter and smarter, with more and more IoT devices deployed in each classroom. For an IT administrator, his daily routine job will be turning on or off electrical devices like air conditioners, and interactive displays before and after class. In the Q-NEX solution, you can set device automation tasks on the Q-NEX web platform or app for the devices to turn on or off at the redefined time. When the school bell rings, all devices are turned on automatically for the class. After the class, they can be turned off automatically. The school bell system can be turned off automatically. The school bell system can be integrated as well for unified control. It saves your time from repeated daily routine work.

3. Convenient AV broadcasting

When emergencies occur like fire, earthquake, or rainstorm, you can use a smartphone with the Q-NEX app to send audio/video contents or text-message to all classrooms or to the targeted audio-video devices for real-time evacuation notice. Q-NEX offers you great flexibility in multi-purpose A/V broadcasting and live streaming using AV over IP technology.

3.1 Cloud-based resource bank

Q-NEX solutions offers a cloud-based resource bank. Teachers can upload the teaching courseware to the Q-NEX cloud resource bank. With a few taps on the Q-NEX touch panel, you can start sharing the contents anywhere any time on the campus, with no worries about forgetting memory sticks or broken-down computers.

3.2 Diversified classroom teaching

Cloud resource bank brings you convenience and diversifies your teaching. Students in the classroom can be better engaged when they are presented with multimedia material such as colorful pictures, music, videos, and so on. So, with Q-NEX, you can readily take out your smartphone and select the teaching courseware, picture, document, file, or even movie from the resource bank via the Q-NEX app, then broadcast it to the big screen whenever you need to enhance your teaching effect and to interact with the students. With vivid presentations, students can learn better and be better motivated.

3.3 Convenient cloud storage

Q-NEX offers easy resource management and access. Teachers on campus can upload different kinds of multimedia resources to the public resource bank. Moreover, teachers can also be authorized to have a personal resource bank where they can upload various types of files, which makes it easier for teachers to manage and find the files they need. With cloud-based file storage, teachers can access the files anywhere any time on the campus.


Q-NEX dedicates itself to transforming the smart campus into a highly intelligent and automated one. It allows you to easily integrate all the IOT devices in the different systems into unified and centralized control via NMP (Network Media Processor). It is budget-saving and easy for future extension to more electrical devices. With Q-NEX solutions you can achieve convenient remote control and management of the smart device throughout the campus, making your operation and management efficient and cost-effective. If you have any questions technically, please contact us.

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