March 6, 2023

Practical Training Solution for Vocational Education

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Practical Training Solution for Vocational Education


In the process of learning, they are always involved with reading, watching, listening, thinking, and practicing. We believe that grasping knowledge requires not only theoretical learning but also the involvement of practical operations. No matter in which education phase it may be or what kind of education patterns it adopts, learning along with practicing is always how a human brain absorbs bits of knowledge and turns the information into long-term memory. In conventional K12 and higher education, we stress theoretical teaching and hands-on practice, and when it comes to vocational education, practical training is even more important for students to master skills.

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How Q-NEX’s Innovative Solution Enables Flexible Space Utilization

Different from theoretical teaching, practical training lays more emphasis on practical demonstration. Whether students can “see completely and clearly” determines their learning efficiency and operation accuracy. To meet the application scenario of practical training, Q-NEX is coming up with a solution for lecture presentation and recording system, which includes an HD close-up camera, HD full-view camera, video capture station, and 4K displays. Through the close-up shooting of the teacher’s demonstration operation, and present on the large 4K display, the problem of “unable to see clearly” is solved, and students can simply follow the operation steps of an assistant teacher.

Q-NEX’s Seamless Approach to Dividing and Merging Classroom AV Systems

Q-NEX has participated in the projects for different educational scenarios. In the case of Guangxi Traffic Technician College, the mobile video capture system was used to shoot close-ups of the internal structure of the car. Meanwhile, at Liuzhou First Vocational Middle School the system uses 360°hover design to realize professional close-range camera shooting and wireless casting on the large screen for students to observe and learn. Practical training solution also applies to the automobile maintenance skills course of Harbin Vocational College of Science and Technology, fusing skills teaching at Zhengzhou Railway Vocational And Technical College, and lathe operation process at Tianjin Electronic Information Vocational And Technical College, which effectively improves teaching efficiency.

What’s more, this practical training system can also be applied to remote learning. For students absent from the class, either far away from the lecturing school, or isolated at home due to COVID-19, they can access the curriculum by joining an online class or reviewing the lecture video after class online.

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