March 6, 2023

On the Road to A Smart Campus

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On the Road to A Smart Campus


Modern teaching often faces the challenges of various classroom technologies. It’s a teacher’s great headache to make full use of each classroom device or even figure out how they connect to each other. It’s also a daunting job for the school IT admin to manage and maintain all equipment of the whole campus in an orderly manner. Here’s what Q-NEX offers — Smart Campus Solution.

With the campus’s existing network, we provide several specific solutions for not only different types of classrooms but also public spaces around the campus.

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Smart Classroom Solution

Upgrade your traditional classroom to a smart classroom with Q-NEX solution. All the classroom devices could not only be centrally managed by the IT admin but also easily operated by teachers. They can remotely control the devices by the web-based platform Q-NEX Console from anywhere with Internet access or Q-NEX app. In this way, technical administrators no longer need to run to each classroom and turn on and off the devices before and after class,  in order to prevent a waste of electrical energy.

Lecture Capture Classroom Solution

Along with the epidemic situation spreading, hybrid learning became the main trend in the world. Recording courses are widely requested by schools for students learning from home. By building up a Lecture Capture classroom with live streaming, the class can be broadcast not only to third-party platforms like YouTube for students studying at home but also to other classrooms of the school to share live courses.

Lecture Hall Solution

This solution is for lecture halls, auditoriums, and other large classrooms. It transforms the ordinary lectern into a multifunctional one with centralized control at minimum cost. Benefit from NMP integrating with so many functions, devices on lectern will be much easier to manage. You also can set up multiple screens to display the same content or different content with effortless image switching during the presentation.

Campus Wide AV Distribution Solution

With respect to campus-wide AV distribution that is based on the AV-over-IP technology to realize not only audio and video broadcast but also live streaming. Aside from ordinary classrooms, it also broadcasts to areas like the library, corridor, canteen, etc., which can make full coverage of campus broadcasting on all connected display equipment. 

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution creates a more caring environment for centrally controlling the ever-changing conditions and requirements. It sets new standards of campus experience in terms of intelligence, adaptability, efficiency, security, and sustainability, which endues education a cross-age meaning and redefines the “campus”. 

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