March 6, 2023

Q-NEX Facilitates Hybrid Learning to Engage Students Remotely


Q-NEX Facilitates Hybrid Learning to Engage Students Remotely


With the outbreak of the pandemic, many countries have implemented the policy of suspension of classes, which has accelerated the digital revolution of education from concepts, modes, and processes to the realization of all-around systematic innovation.

The rise of education digitalization has brought a new mode of combined with online and offline learning – hybrid learning. As an advanced teaching and learning mode that is extremely in line with the current global pandemic situation, hybrid learning focuses on applying various digital teaching methods to the daily class, creating a digital interactive classroom environment for teachers and students. 

You may be curious about how to build a hybrid learning environment. And what does it need? Q-NEX offers you one-stop solution for hybrid learning – Lecture Capture Classroom solution that mainly contains lecture capture system for achieving teaching recording and live streaming the lecture video to YouTube. By installing lecture capture system to build a flexible remote teaching classroom in the school, students can watch live streaming videos of lectures on the video cloud platform – YouTube from home instead of having the class in school. It ingeniously solves the problem that students cannot go out and most schools are still closed or partially open. In addition, Lecture Capture Classroom solution supports one touch to record the class. For students with poor learning ability and level, they can consolidate knowledge by playback of recorded teaching videos. It also facilitates students who may have missed class to keep up because they can learn from the videos at any time so as to create a way for students to handle their own learning rhythm.

The hybrid learning adopted by Q-NEX solution breaks through the limitations of time and space, ensuring that students can take classes remotely at home or anywhere and get a consistent learning experience as if they were in the classroom.