March 6, 2023

Experience with AV Control System for Optimizing Campus Device Usage

Media Box - Hardware MBX 16

Experience with AV Control System for Optimizing Campus Device Usage


What is an AV control system?

Modern classrooms are equipped with AV displays (interactive display, projector, TV), document cameras, microphones, speakers, and web cameras for hybrid learning. Different roles have different requests in a classroom:

1. Students want a space that is fun and engaging.

2. Teachers require tools that are easy to use and effective to promote learning.

3. IT admins expect to reduce technical support and device maintenance.

Experience with AV Control System for Optimizing Campus Device Usage - campus live streaming

Therefore, an easy-to-use and intuitive classroom AV system comes into existence for both the audience and the presenter to enhance learning and collaboration. How do achieve it? The answer is in the AV control system and control interface. Simply put, the control system is the brain connecting all the AV devices installed in the room, controlling everything so that they work together seamlessly. Q-NEX has launched the AV control system – Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP) and Media Box (MBX) which is not only for classrooms but also for the rest of places of the campus such as corridors, libraries, canteens, etc. 

What are the benefits of an AV control system?

1. Control all campus devices from one central location

Q-NEX NMP with AV control systems enables the connection of all devices into one system. Support automatically powering on and off all devices with one button in the room, and individual control for AV matrix switching, volume adjustment, and turning on/off light and air conditioner.

2. A user-friendly interface

As we mentioned before, the control interface can be presented on Q-NEX Touch Panel or control panel. Intuitive interface and stress-free operation with one tap to provide teachers an earlier way to control the devices right away.

3. Reduce time cost of school IT admin

Complicated technology used in different classrooms makes it difficult for users to feel comfortable and familiar with the device. They have to operate in different ways. Through the Q-NEX Console, school IT admins can use a cloud centralized control and management platform or remote App to control all devices. Make sure your IT team is called for help less often.

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