March 6, 2023

What Problems Can Q-NEX on Campus


What Problems Can Q-NEX on Campus


​It is a common phenomenon that school devices have complicated wiring and operation. For the school IT administrators, they need to take a lot of time to check the interface and find the right cable to correct, and repeatedly manage and control the devices. When they forget to power off, it may cause the waste of electricity for whole night so that they have to go back to school for powering off the devices. Besides, They are busy for the repair of devices in daily, and when the device doesn’t work, IT admins can’t repair in time because they are unable to keep tracking the device status.

For the teachers, they encounter technical problems in class and do not know how to deal with it, which interrupts the progress of the course and causes teaching low effective. In class, the students sitting in the back row can’t hear teacher’s sound, or teachers get sore throat when they speaks loudly for a long time. 

These are the main problems for device management and control. However, Q-NEX is a solution to solve these problems. Q-NEX solution centrally controls the devices in the classroom by its main product Networked Media Processor(NMP), and can remotely control all NMP-connected devices on the campus through the web-based platform Q-NEX Console and App for mobile devices. School IT administrators can remotely control devices without being on site. For example, powering on and off devices of schools can be realized remotely even after school. Teachers’ voice can be amplified by the wireless microphone equipped with NMP to ensure that everyone in the classroom can hear the voice. Of course, the advantages of Q-NEX solution are not only just what I mentioned. For more functions, we will introduce you in detail in the next article. Please Keep following us.