March 31, 2023

 Revolutionize Campus Collaboration with Q-NEX’s Smart AV Solution

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 Revolutionize Campus Collaboration with Q-NEX’s Smart AV Solution


Smart audiovisual technology has become essential in modern education to create an engaging and interactive classroom experience. However, managing and operating these devices can be challenging. Q-NEX’s AV Solutions offer a solution to this problem, enabling schools to build a smarter, more collaborative environment that provides better teaching and learning experiences for students and teachers. Utilizing a combination of cloud IoT technology and AV over IP, Q-NEX’s Innovative AV Solutions enhance the multimedia classroom experience and transform network AV distribution. Students and teachers can enjoy a seamless multimedia experience without switching between systems, and the web-based platform enables easy remote control and management. Teachers can use Touch Panel to control the system and manage device operations, improving the quality of teaching and learning.

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1. Advantages of Q-NEX’s Innovative AV Solution

All-in-one System

Maximize collaboration between different elements and optimize the user experience with our all-in-one solution. Manage all devices from a single center location with web-based platform, eliminating the need to learn and master different systems. Our centralized control and management system allows for remote monitoring and management of multiple classrooms, greatly improving efficiency and convenience. The highly scalable solution can accommodate changing technology needs by adding or upgrading components as necessary.


Q-NEX is highly customizable to meet specific educational needs. From large lecture halls to small meeting rooms, Q-NEX is highly customizable, making it the ideal choice for any institution. Modules and devices can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each school or classroom, whether it’s better audio or lighting systems. Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP) serves as the foundation for our solution that can integrate these different requirements and be tailored to meet the specific educational needs of each school or each classroom.

2. What is Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP)?

The Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP) integrates digital broadcasting, digital amplification, audio/video matrix switching, network switching, and power management into the device control system, which enables users to remotely control them. It is the core of our intelligent campus AV experience, enabling seamless control and management of audio, video, and live-streaming media. The NMP not only distributes audio and video on a network platform but also unifies the IoT control of AV devices in a centralized network media system. The user interface can be easily operated via Control Panel or Touch Panel. The primary purpose of this device is to assist IT administrators in schools with the management of various electronic facilities. Specifically, Q-NEX Networked Media Processor enables school administrators to remotely manage and control multimedia devices such as projectors, audio and video systems, and interactive whiteboards.

Features of Q-NEX NMP

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Integrate Multiple Devices into One Single System

Traditional school education systems may require the use of multiple independent devices to achieve functions such as audio, video, interactivity, and control. This approach requires different devices, each of which needs to be controlled and adjusted separately. This not only takes time and effort but also increases the risk of failure and unnecessary complexity. However, Q-NEX’s smart AV solution can integrate multiple devices, The integrated design of the NMP allows multiple functions such as audio, video, projection, lighting, and HVAC to be integrated into one device. This integrated design saves space, simplifies the system structure, and improves the reliability and ease of use of the entire system. This single system can also simplify the device management and enhance the system stability and reliability.

Centralized AV Control

The product offers centralized control of AV and other commonly used devices, allowing users to easily manage on/off, volume, and input signals for various operations, such as playing videos and presenting PPTs. Moreover, automation control features can execute specific operations based on preset conditions or schedules to improve work efficiency. With NMP, users can easily control the on/off, volume, and input signals of the devices to achieve a variety of operations, such as playing videos, presenting PPTs, etc.

Remote Control

NMP’s remote control makes it possible to network device deployment, allowing remote control and management of all devices via the Internet or Intranet. This means that users can access and control devices remotely without having to be physically present in the field. This remote control and management feature greatly improves efficiency and reliability. The Product allows for comprehensive control of the audio and video system through remote control. Users can operate and adjust the audio and video system through remote devices such as smartphones, computers, or tablets. As long as there is an internet connection, users can easily control the audio and video system from anywhere. Moreover, they can adjust the settings. This feature is both convenient and efficient for users so that they can access and control devices remotely without on-site operations. 


NMP has decoding features to handle AV signals distributed from the Q-NEX cloud platform, including immediate and scheduled AV distribution tasks. NMP’s networked AV decoder can transmit HD video signals to individual terminal devices over IP networks for high-quality audio and video transmission and distribution, improving the availability and reliability of the entire system.


Q-NEX offers reliable audio and video distribution and control for intelligent, connected campuses, providing multimedia classrooms with greater efficiency and intelligence. With unified transmission and management of audio and video, schools can integrate all devices into a single cloud platform Q-NEX Console for easy management and control of classroom equipment. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative features, it enables universities and colleges to create an immersive learning experience for students, faculty, and staff. The platform can also be customized to meet diverse educational needs. Furthermore, the solution is highly scalable. It can be expanded and upgraded to provide more personalized services as schools develop. Q-NEX Innovative AV Solution efficiently handles audio and video signals distributed from the cloud platform, including immediate and scheduled audio and video distribution tasks, making it easier for teachers to share teaching resources and enhance the learning experience for students. Overall, Q-NEX’s AV Solution is an excellent choice for creating a smart, connected campus that enables schools to adapt to future growth needs. Contact us to take campus collaboration to the next level, creating an immersive and dynamic learning environment that fosters students engagement and creativity.

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