June 1, 2023

Q-NEX Upgrades Your Conference Room to A Smart Collaboration Center

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Q-NEX Upgrades Your Conference Room to A Smart Collaboration Center


In many companies, there are spaces dedicated to meetings. You can see the importance of meeting rooms. Having a conference room, whether for business or personal use. It requires proper design considerations and strategic planning. Many people overlook the small details, so they will ignore that there may be a better solution! Please read this article carefully, it can give you some good tips. What’s more, it can transform your meeting room to perfection. To improve employee productivity, you can choose the Q-NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution. This solution includes hardware and software that can greatly save you from current troubles. You can click here to view more information about Q-NEX.

Smart Classroom - TraditionalC 02
Smart Classroom – TraditionalC 02

1. Multi-mode meeting systems

The ideal conference room is not a single space that works with only one system. Even in the simplest of setups, you can start a meeting or present content in at least one other way. For example, if you have a smart space solution. That means your conferencing system has a “brain”. The “brain” of Q-NEX’s intelligent solution is the NMP (Networked Media Processor). You can set up multiple working modes in the meeting room. When you hold a meeting you can choose to start the devices from your laptop and connect to the monitor wirelessly. Or even then, you can connect your laptop to the monitor via a HDMI cable.

It goes without saying that the higher the quality of your solution, the more features you can get. If your collaboration center is an IFP mounted on a stand. And if your IFP can only support wired connections that will increase your workload. But Q-NEX has something different. It’s just the right solution to this problem.

1.1 What it is

Q-NEX Networked Media Processor (NMP) is a control processor that integrates digital broadcasting, digital amplifier, audio and video matrix switching, network switching, power control module, and communication control module, capable of connecting independent AV devices and centralizing electrical devices. Such as lamps, fans, air conditioners, motorized curtains, and so on. Because it runs on a cloud management platform it allows you to achieve Network-based media processing and unified device control management. That means when you buy NMP you can control the devices. There is no need to buy a new display. We will connect your devices to our products for centralized control.

1.2 Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

Bringing you more features while reducing your cost budget. We can offer three types of console platforms: Web console, APP console, and Dashboard. Enable control of your smart devices anytime, anywhere.

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2. Consider the product supply chain

When designing a business space, you need to consider the possibility of supply chain delays. This has been a common problem for electronics companies since the COVID-19 pandemic. Some products cannot be produced to meet consumer demand. You need to choose a reliable partner when setting up a project. When the product is not available your integrator partner will not be able to solve the problem for you. That’s why it is crucial to select a trusted partner. Delays can be greatly avoided.

There is a very good provider of smart solutions in China, IQ. And we have been working in both the education and business industries for over a decade. Our large-scale factory is the basis of our supply. Our strong R&D team is our confidence in our products. If you are considering renovating your meeting room, you may contact us. You can reap the benefits of intelligent solutions.

3. Larger rooms can lead to poorer audio transmission

When designing a meeting room, it is important to consider the size of the room. If the room is large, it will affect the audio transmission. This is because the sound waves will bounce off the walls and create echoes. To solve this problem, you can choose our wireless microphone. wireless transmission up to 40 meters, also with an anti-interference function. And it supports a Max 24 channel connection, which can improve the quality of sound for you very well. If you have a higher requirement for sound quality, you can choose a passive speaker. IQSound passive speaker provides the sound you expect in a passive full-range performance. Careful acoustic design and the use of advanced materials help achieve superior sound fidelity and speech intelligibility.

3.1 Pick comfortable furniture

If you have a long meeting with guests, prepare your meeting setup. So that you can stay comfortable for a long time. These preparations should include comfortable chairs, the right side of the table.

Besides, the brightness of the lighting and the rhythm of the airflow should take into account the ergonomic design of the office.

3.2 What is Ergonomics

Ergonomics is to explore the human body’s working capacity and its limits. In other words, ergonomics is the real purpose of ergonomic design in making users more comfortable and healthier from various angles and experiences.

4. Make sure your Internet is fast and smooth

When designing a meeting room, it is important to consider the network and connectivity needs of the space. You need to make sure you have enough signal strength and bandwidth to support the number of users and devices that will be using the space, as well as the quality you want.


Hybrid meetings are becoming more and more important in today’s business environment. The simplicity and usability of the equipment in the meeting room have also become one of the keys for people to select a product. At Q-NEX, all intelligent solutions are flexible and changeable. Simply put, our products are smart and can be controlled centrally. You can use them for audio and video broadcasting and live streaming. And of course, there are more powerful functions. We provide both hardware products and software products. And we can make different products according to your needs. If you are interested, please contact us.

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