July 18, 2023

Smart Meeting Rooms: AV Control Systems Change The Future of The Workplace

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Smart Meeting Rooms: AV Control Systems Change The Future of The Workplace


Empower Your Workspace with Smart Conference Room Solutions for Seamless Collaboration and Optimal Efficiency

In modern working life, boring and long meetings have become the bane of some employees’ work. With the continuous progress of science and technology, traditional conference rooms have been unable to meet the growing functional needs. How to complete an efficient meeting in the busy work is a problem for all managers to think about.

In order to improve the efficiency and convenience of meetings, Q-NEX introduced the concept of intelligent conference rooms, hoping to bring users more interesting and efficient meetings through the AV control system. Through the introduction of the AV control system, the management and control of the meeting room is integrated into a unified platform, which realizes the intelligent management of the meeting equipment, improves the efficiency and convenience of the meeting, and makes the meeting experience better.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the concept of Smart Conference Room, read this article to get a feel for what it is and the benefits it will bring to users:

1.What is Smart Conference Room Solution?

NEX Smart Meeting Room Solution is a comprehensive solution based on AV control system, designed to create intelligent and efficient meeting environment for users. Through the introduction of advanced technology and innovative functions, it realizes the unified management and control of conference equipment, and improves the efficiency and convenience of meetings. Q-NEX Intelligent Conference Room solutions deliver tangible benefits to users, making meetings smarter, more efficient and more convenient.

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2.The benefits of Smart Conference Room Solutions

The benefits of Smart Conference Room solutions include real-time speaker tracking with a smart wireless microphone system, facilitating up to four simultaneous speakers and efficient remote video conferencing. The solutions also feature a convenient central control panel, enabling easy control of audio, video, and IoT devices, enhancing meeting convenience and comfort. The following paragraphs will discuss these in detail. 

2.1 Smart wireless microphone system that tracks speakers in real time

In traditional conference rooms, people often face the problem of tracking speakers and limiting the number of people. However, our smart wireless microphone system enables real-time speaker tracking by connecting to a PTZ camera, while supporting the connection of up to 83  flexible wireless microphones. This means that up to four people can speak in the conference room at the same time, and remote video conferencing becomes more convenient and efficient. By tracking speakers in real time, meeting participants can see and hear speakers more clearly, improving the effectiveness of communication and participation in meetings.

2.2 Convenient central control panel

Q-NEX Smart Conference Room Solution features a stylish and versatile touch panel with an intuitive graphical user interface. Through the touch panel, you can easily switch on and off audio and video equipment in the conference room, switch HDMI images, adjust volume, and even control IoT devices such as lighting, air conditioning, and electric curtains. In this way, you can centrally control the equipment in the meeting room, improving the convenience and comfort of the meeting. The operation of the central control panel is simple and easy to understand, without complicated settings and adjustments, and easily realize the control and management of the equipment.

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2.3 Wireless screen sharing

Sharing ideas and ideas in meetings is key to driving teamwork. The Q-NEX Smart Conference Room Solution supports wireless screen sharing, allowing you to wirelessly project content from your laptop or mobile device to the conference room display simply by bringing your own device. This wireless presentation system not only stimulates brainstorming and team discussions, but also increases productivity. Participants can easily share their ideas and data with all members, promote communication and collaboration, and drive the quality of the outcomes and decisions of the conference.

2.4 Scheduled tasks improve management efficiency

The Smart Meeting Room Solution supports a scheduled task function that allows you to set the on-off time of equipment, including lights, air conditioning, curtains, and displays. Before the meeting starts, the system automatically prepares all the devices in the meeting room according to the scheduled time, which greatly improves the efficiency of the meeting. No need to manually adjust equipment, saving time and effort. Scheduled tasks can also be applied to other aspects, such as meeting room preparation and device maintenance, to further improve management efficiency.

2.5 All-in-one display solution

IQTouch is a mobile interactive board that integrates a computer, TV, whiteboard, and document camera. By providing solutions that are easy to use, feature-rich, and fluent in writing, it perfectly meets the needs of the meeting room, making the meeting experience more convenient and efficient. Participants can perform multiple actions on one intelligent interactive screen without switching devices, increasing the efficiency and smoothness of meetings. IQTouch’s all-in-one design saves space and equipment costs for meeting rooms, creating a more concise and convenient work environment.

2.6 Dual screen display improves collaboration efficiency

The Smart Conference Room Solution supports the connection of two displays to Q-NEX NMP for image switching between two screens. Q-NEX NMP gives you the option to present unified content to your attendees, or to videoconference on one screen and share content on the other. Whether you want to show them charts, data, text reports, etc., Q-NEX NMP can deliver richer information to participants, improve the effect of information transfer and communication between teams, and obtain a more efficient meeting experience. Dual-screen display brings more flexibility and interaction to meetings.


There is no denying that smart conference rooms are helping people no longer limit themselves to traditional meeting methods, making meetings more convenient and efficient. Through the AV control system of the intelligent meeting room, you can achieve unified management and control of the meeting room equipment, greatly improving the efficiency and convenience of the meeting. Whether it’s real-time speaker tracking, convenient central control, wireless screen sharing, or timed task management, all-in-one display solutions, and dual-screen displays, you get a smarter, more productive work experience. Make the smart conference room an important assistant in your workplace to provide powerful support for your business development. It is time to change your workplace and improve the quality and efficiency of meetings!

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