March 6, 2023

What Are the Main Functions of Q-NEX


What Are the Main Functions of Q-NEX


​Q-NEX is a smart campus solution that centrally controls the devices on campus, and I have introduced in details in last article. 

Next, I want to share the main functions of Q-NEX with you.

1.Device control: This is the one of the most important function of Q-NEX. There are two main ways to control centrally. One is to control devices through a desktop control panel which mounted on the wall beside the display. Only need to turn on and off all power devices in the classroom with one key on control panel, and it also can achieve some basic operation such as volume adjustment, panel lock, input switch,etc. 

2.Access Control: With a built-in electronic lock control module for door security, it allows authorized access by swiping an RFID card. The RFID card could also be used for activating the control panel, so that students without permission can’t mess up with the facilities.

3.AV Matrix Switch: What is AV Matrix? It is to route audio and video signals from multiple input sources to one or more display devices, like projector, TV, interactive flat panel so that you can freely switch to present the same content or different content on different display devices. 

4.Networked AV Distribution: NMP can work as a LAN switch.By connecting NMP to a Q-NEX Media Server, it can achieve AV distribution which includes live streaming and AV broadcasting. School IT admin can select streaming contents and push to different classrooms by schedule. 

5.Auto Executing of Task Schedule. It can automatically carry out by setting scheduled tasks.the power switch, class ringtones, and break music. 

6.Wireless amplification: You only need to connect the Speaker to the NMP, and it can achieve the effect of amplification.

7.Cloud storage:There is no need to bring a USB flash drive to copy the courseware for teacher. Just find it directly in the cloud storage file and present it.

These are the main functions that the QNEX solution can achieve. Next article, I’ll show you how these functions work in applications. If you’re interested in Q-NEX, just contact our website: