March 6, 2023

What Solutions Does Q-NEX Provide

What Solutions Does Q-NEX Provide


​For Q-NEX, we offer 4 solution to deal with the different situation.

The first one is smart classroom solution. It upgrades your traditional classroom to a smart classroom. All the classroom devices could not only be centrally managed by the IT admin, also easily operated by teachers. They can remotely control the devices by web-based platform Q-NEX Console from anywhere with an Internet access or QNEX app. This solves that technical administrators have to come to each classroom and power on and off the devices before and after class. And it also avoids the wasting of electricity.

Let’s talk about the solution of lecture capture system first. Along with serious pandemic situation spreading, remote learning became the main trend. Recording courses are requested for school to enable students studying at home. Just use video and broadcast system to record courses, then push them to other classrooms through Q-NEX NMP, or to third-party platforms, and children at home or in other classrooms can participate in the course.

In terms of lecture hall solution, It is expected to match with other products, such as podium, etc., upgrade the ordinary platform to electronic platform, and have a good budget. There are usually many devices on the lectern. If one NMP can integrate so many functions, devices on lectern will be much easier to manage, and it would be easier for multiple display devices in our lecture hall to switch. You also can set up multiple screens to display the same content or different content.

With respect to campus wide AV distribution, it aims at the areas outside the ordinary classroom, such as library, corridor, canteen, etc., which can make full use of their display equipment to make full coverage of campus broadcasting. The menu can be presented in the canteen for students viewing and the recommended books show on the screen in the library. 

Q-NEX can be used in every area in the school , and achieve a whole-school management.