May 24, 2023

Q-NEX Solution: Budget-saving Campus-wide AV Broadcast

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Q-NEX Solution: Budget-saving Campus-wide AV Broadcast


With the advancement of technology, everything goes AV. This is also true for networked broadcasting on a campus where people are no longer satisfied with speakers only. Using speakers school principals cannot make them heard and seen at the same time during the broadcasting, let alone showing or sharing something during their speech. And when emergencies like fire or earthquake occur, the school IT administrators cannot act fast enough to notify everyone on the campus promptly through broadcasting. At the same time, school IT administrators have to deal with repetitive tasks like playing light music during class breaks.

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So, is there any way to enable fast and automated audio/video broadcasting over the campus? Yes, Q-NEX solutions! It allows you to conduct AV broadcasting to every corner of the campus by integrating existing devices like TVs, interactive displays, and speakers with centralized, fast, and remote control. Q-NEX has proven to be a budget-saving solution that not only smartens up campus broadcasting but also enhances campus security through AV-over-IP technology.

 1. Smartening up Campus-wide AV Broadcasting

Q-NEX solution allows you to easily integrate all the existing devices to conduct broadcasting on an audio and video basis. To be more specific, the school only needs to have devices like a speaker, interactive display panel, or just a TV / LED display. However, these devices usually are deployed separately without centralized control. So, a question being asked is how can they work in unison for broadcasting with centralized control.  

1.1 Integration with NMP and MBX

For that, the Q-NEX solution offers a Network Media Processor (NMP) and Media Box (MBX). Both NMP and MBX are designed with universal ports capable of connecting all the existing devices to them. NMP is composed of function modules such as power, digital amplifier, serial control module, LAN switch, Wireless mic system, AV matrix switch, and power relay.  

1.2 Remote Control and AV-over-IP Technology

NMP and MBX worked in a complementary manner and can be controlled remotely via the Q-NEX web platform or Q-NEX app. In short, with the introduction of NMP and MBX, all the devices are networked. Which makes it possible for you to achieve AV broadcasting over IP on your campus.

2. Integrating the Existing Devices for the AV Broadcasting

Q-NEX solution offers you a budget-saving and effortless way to achieve AV broadcasting over IP. It is because it allows you to easily integrate all the devices needed for broadcasting via NMP and MBX.

2.1 Deployment of NMP and MBX

NMP is installed in the classroom integrating the classroom devices,while MBX can be installed in some places outside of the classroom like corridor, library, auditorium, and so on, which means you can connect all the devices in these places to MBX so as to achieve wider broadcasting coverage. Apart from speakers, some of the school campuses want to apply their existing TVs or interactive flat panel for the audio-video broadcasting over IP.

2.2 Integration with Different Devices

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So, can we integrate either of them into the NMP or MBX? The answer is yes. For the TV, you can easily connect with NMP and MBX using an HDMI cable, which supports audio and video transmission for broadcasting, and the TV can be powered on and off automatically by the NMP via an infrared sensor for device control. What you have to do is to preset the TV control code on the Q-NEX system, and you’re done. And you can do pretty much the same thing for interactive flat panels. So, the Q-NEX solution is budget-saving and flexible as it can go with either a TV or IFP display.

3. Realizing Campus-wide Distribution

Q-NEX allows you to realize campus-wide AV broadcasting easily and remotely. In addition to NMP and MBX converge devices together for unified and networked operation.

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3.1 Utilizing Media Streaming Software

Q-NEX offers media streaming software for streaming audio and video content. What you have to do is nothing more than prepare a media server and then leave the software installation to Q-NEX teams and they will help you set up the system remotely.

When you are conducting AV broadcasting, you can do it remotely on a computer or a smartphone. For example, when a school principal wants to make a speech from their office to all the students and teachers involved on the campus, they can launch a live-streaming via OBS (streaming platform) using a laptop and an IP camera connected to it, then fill in the live streaming destination address (Q-NEX broadcasting address).

3.2 Live Streaming and Text-message Broadcasting

The school principal can even select places they want for the targeted broadcasting on the Q-NEX web console. And when emergencies like fire occur, IT administrators can perform live broadcasting from their smartphones with broadcaster software, instead of going to their workplace, IT demonstrators can stream live audio-video content to all the TVs, speakers, and interactive flat panels connected to NMP and MBX for the evacuation instructions, so that everyone on the campus can follow the instruction for the quick evacuation. 

Also, Q-NEX solutions support text-message broadcasting, which means you can create your text message for public notification, notice, warning, announcement, and so on, then send them from the Q-NEX platform (Q-NEX web console) or your Q-NEX app to the targeted displays from anywhere you are. So, the Q-NEX solution helps achieve remote and easy AV broadcasting.

4. Saving Time with Automation

Q-NEX solution can improve IT administrators’ work efficiency. On the Q-NEX web platform, you can upload audio-video content like a ring bell tones, or pre-recorded speech made by teachers or principals, select target places like classrooms and libraries based on NMP and MBX, and then set the automation time schedule for the broadcasting.

4.1 Automation Features

IT administrators can upload a recorded AV file to broadcast to the library, reminding people in the library about its closing time at the end of the day. By doing so, IT demonstrators can be saved from these types of repetitive routine tasks.

4.2 Cloud Storage

By the way, the Q-NEX solution offers cloud storage, IT demonstrators can upload and store the audio/Video files for later use.    


To sum up, Q-NEX solutions save your budget because they allow you to integrate the existing audio and video devices with NMP and MBX for campus-wide AV distribution without buying new devices. It allows you to easily broadcast from a computer or smartphone to the target speakers, TVs, and IFP displays from anywhere at any time using the Q-NEX web platform or Q-NEX app. It saves IT administrators from doing all the repetitive tasks to improve their work efficiency and reduce manpower costs. Lastly, the Q-NEX solution offers easy deployment with NMP, MBX, and streaming media servers loaded remotely by Q-NEX teams. Again, Q-NEX can transform your existing broadcasting system into an AV-over-IP broadcasting system with centralized, networked, and remote control and management.

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