March 1, 2023

What Can Q-NEX Do?

What Can Q-NEX Do? - network structure

What Can Q-NEX Do?


Q-NEX is a leading AV solutions provider dedicated to delivering customized and cutting-edge products and services. Compared with other competitors like Extron, Crestron, and Microsoft Teams, Q-NEX stands out for its superior technology, efficiency, and customer service. Q-NEX Systems can help with that. Q-NEX technology offers the best, most efficient, and most priority service for all your regional AV requirements. We are one of the best companies to help you with audiovisual solutions in the world. We offer custom technology system design, integration, installation, support, and service. We are not only a part of the community and offer exceptional customer service and technical advice.

Q-NEX provides the most advanced and efficient AV solutions and services. We are one of the world’s best companies specializing in customized AV system design, integration, installation, support, and service. We’re always open to building long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses. You’ll be happy you got started with Q-NEX Systems. Q-NEX has great functions for audio and visual solutions.

1. Device Control

  • To control devices through a desktop control panel
  • To control through web-based platform Q-NEX Console or mobile APP from anywhere with Internet access.
What Can Q-NEX Do? - device control

2. Access Control

l With a built-in electronic lock control module for door security, it allows authorized access by swiping an IC card.
l IC card could also be used for activating the control panel, so that students without permission can’t mess up with the facilities.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - access control

3. AV Matrix Switch

l To route audio and video signals from multiple input sources to one or more display devices, like a projector, TV, or interactive flat panel.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - av matrix switch

4. Networked AV Distribution

l NMP can work as a LAN switch.
l By connecting NMP to a Q-NEX Media Server, it can achieve AV distribution. School IT admin can select streaming contents and push to different classrooms instantly or by schedule.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - network av distribution

5. Live Streaming

l By working with an IP Camera, Q-NEX live streaming can be distributed through a media server to the ends of Q-NEX NMP in each classroom/meeting room/office.
l IP Camera, smartphone, PC, and the like, can be the source for streaming.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - campus live streaming

6. Cloud Storage

With Q-NEX Media Server, IT administrators can allocate public and individual storage according to different requests, and it makes curriculum resources and courseware sharing among teachers much easier than usual.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - cloud storge

7. Auto Executing of Task Schedule

l Free school IT admin from repetitive daily routine, such as school bell, break time music playing, timed blackout for a certain building, scheduled power on for devices before class, holiday notification, etc.
l Preset particular tasks for certain events, such as a fire drill, recorded video course distribution by schedule, playing school anniversary propaganda film at a certain time, etc.

What Can Q-NEX Do? - task schdule

Q-NEX’s technology offers customized upgrading for your audiovisual workplace technology. To discuss your options in AV, contact us for a tailored solution. Our product specialists are ready to provide a live demo and consultation for your needs. 

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