March 1, 2023

How You can Benefit from an AV Control System

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How You can Benefit from an AV Control System


What is an audiovisual control system? 

A system of audiovisual controls allows you to manage all your technology from one central control panel. There is no need to have multiple remote controls performing the same function. An audiovisual control system allows you to control multiple devices such as smart boards, projectors and displays, webcams, sound systems, and other devices by simply pressing a button. Hybrid working environments are becoming more common. It’s vital to have both up-to-date and simple-to-use technology in your workplace to encourage productivity, engagement, and collaboration. 

What are the benefits?

Using a central audiovisual system to control your work environment has many benefits. 

One Central Location of Control 

All devices can be controlled from one control panel. This eliminates the need for multiple remotes and tablets in order to have complete audiovisual control. This central control reduces the time it takes to switch between interfaces. Customized to Meet Your Needs We know that every workplace is unique, so Q NEX works with you to customize your solution for your company. 

Less time spent with IT 

A user-friendly audiovisual control system makes it easier to get a meeting underway. Employees don’t have to use IT to set up the audiovisual system for every meeting. The AV control and setup process is easy for everyone to manage, with minimal assistance. IT can now focus on other tasks.

Solutions - jh 6
Solutions – jh 6

Increase Engagement 

Employee engagement is increased when employees have more control over their AV experience. This is because it is easier for them to operate and control AV technology in meetings. Multiple employees can use collaboration tools to interact in meeting technology simultaneously, such as manipulating data and graphics, commenting on documents or presentations, or giving digital feedback. 


There are many AV control system manufacturers available, including Extron, Crestron, and Microsoft Teams. The company’s needs will determine which one is best for them. Haverford Systems can help with that.

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