March 1, 2023

Streamline Your Equipment Setup with an AV Control System

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Streamline Your Equipment Setup with an AV Control System


An AV control system installation

An AV control system installation can simplify your setup and allow you to manage everything from one location. An AV control system is either designed to run automatically (as in our Q-NEX) or can be manually controlled using a control interface. 

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An interface for manual control

An interface for manual control can take the form of a keypad, such as the UniForm, or a touch panel, such as the Q-NEX Touch Panels here. The complexity of the meeting space setup is one of the key factors in deciding whether to use a touch panel or keypad interface. This includes the number and type of functions that one wants to perform. 

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Easy-to-use feature of the control interface

An easy-to-use control interface is essential. The interface should be inspired by other interfaces, such as those used by smartphone users. Users would be able to use the control interface immediately and not need any explanation. The control system from Q-NEX addresses the most common problems and is easy to use. Another benefit? It reduces support time for the IT department/IT responsible.

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