March 1, 2023

AV Control Systems- Eliminating Users’ Frustrations

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AV Control Systems- Eliminating Users’ Frustrations


There is a lot of anxiety around the AV equipment used in meeting rooms.

Bad meeting experiences

Many people had bad experiences with meeting rooms. There were many issues such as missing remote controls or not working, cables that weren’t connected to the right place, poor connections, and poor quality sound and video during conference calls.

The reputation of AV equipment and meeting rooms has been tarnished. Especially pro-level technology is seen as too complicated and intimidating.

Technology users fear not being in control. This is where the technology, not the user, dictates what can and cannot be done. 

How To Get Device Control in Schools - 3333

The application of AV control system

This is where AV control steps in.

An AV control system can be described as the brain of a meeting room. It connects and controls all equipment.

The user can then control all the equipment using a single interface.

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