May 24, 2023

What does Q-NEX Technology Include?

What does Q-NEX Technology Include? - NMP banner

What does Q-NEX Technology Include?


The Q-NEX technology enables seamless connectivity of various multimedia devices within the classroom through the Q-NEX Smart Classroom Solution. With a single NMP (Network Media Player), centralized control and video distribution can be effortlessly achieved. This advanced solution empowers teachers, principals, and information administrators to conveniently and remotely manage the classroom using Internet and mobile devices. Whether it involves renovating existing classrooms or constructing new ones, the Q-NEX technology is a versatile choice for implementing this plan.

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To put it simply, for the component of Q-NEX technolohy, there is an administrator account under the core product NMP of Q-NEX, and two control platforms of Q-NEX, including the control platforms of mobile phone and desktop, which are Q-NEX APP and Q-NEX console respectively. The followings are detailed analysis of the key components of Q-NEX technology?


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NMP is short for Networked Media Processor, which is the core product of Q-NEX series.It is mainly designed for assisting school’s IT admin to well manage various electronic facilities in a school, and freeing teachers from complicated operations of devices in a multimedia classroom.

2. Multiple connected devices to NMP

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The Q-NEX NMP incorporates a comprehensive system for centralized control of classroom devices, encompassing a range of functionalities such as LAN switch, AV matrix switch, wireless mic system, AV decoder, power relay, digital amplifier, and serial control module. This integrated solution efficiently establishes a centralized control system for IoT devices, while also enabling network-based media processing and distribution. One notable feature is the seamless connection of multiple devices to the NMP, facilitating enhanced control and versatility within the classroom environment.

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2.1 Wireless Microphone

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2.2 Control Panel

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2.3 Touch Panel

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2.3.1 Capacitive Touch Screen for Smart Control

Adopting a 7-inch LED touch screen, Q-NEX CPL10 provides an intuitive interface with easy-to-use capacitive controls, true feedback, and real-time status display.

2.3.2 Access Control for Authorized Use

An embedded RFID card reader provides authorized card access to the touch panel. Teachers can lock the touch panel after class to prevent students from misuse.

2.3.3 Versatile Functions for Device Control: Power control of classroom devices

  • Video matrix switching for classroom devices
  • Control the air-con power, temperature, modes, etc.
  • Control the projector on/off and the electric screen up/down
  • Adjust the mic & speaker volume
  • Control the NMP to send IR signals for IR devices control (such as TV)

2.3.4 Self-developed Software with User-friendly Design

  • The touch panel software keeps optimizing and supports OTA update.
  • Home page functions are customizable to meet specific user needs.

2.4 Media Box

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2.5 Control Box

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2.6 Media Server (Optional)

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2.7 Q-NEX Platform Control and Management

Q-NEX Platform is the core player in the whole Q-NEX solution, it is a management platform for all Q-NEX terminal units. Since it is deployed on Cloud servers, users can access it by the Internet to manage their own Q-NEX terminals through a Web browser on a PC or an APP (Android or iOS) on a smart phone. Q-NEX Platform consists of a Dashboard and Console/APP

2.7.1 Q-NEX Dashboard

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QNEX Dashboard is mainly for an administrator to manage the organization structure, user privilege, Q-NEX terminal units, IC card permission, media server configuration, user storage distribution, etc. And they can regulate the whole system through the Internet.

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  • Devices Data Analysis
  • Users Management
  • Card Management
  • Devices Management
  • Media Server/ Cloud Storage Management

2.7.2 Q-NEX Console

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Q-NEX Console can be accessed through browser or mobile App, so that users can operate anytime and anywhere over all connected devices. Web-based Console
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Users can log in on their personal computer with authorized account to get access to the web-based console.

Remote Device Control

IT administrators can manage campus devices through laptop or mobile phone when they’re on business trip or on leave.

Campus Broadcast

Admins can play music during the after-class time, listening comprehension tests and campus notifications/ announcements, etc.

Schedule List Setting

All devices on campus can be set to turn on before school and turn off after school, and ring the school bell, play music or video for class automatically from Monday to Friday during the semester.

Cloud Storage

IT admins have the authority to allocate public and individual storage, which will make it easier for teachers to share curriculum resources and courseware in the school.

Live Streaming

Create live public addresses of a principal, broadcast campus events to TVs in classrooms or school auditoriums, and emergency notifications by broadcasting. Q-NEX APP Console
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Q-NEX mobile App is another measure to regulate Q-NEX NMP devices.

Q-NEX App turns mobile devices (Android or iOS) into the ultimate mobile control panel, enabling control of classroom multimedia devices, lighting, A/C, access control, and other systems from virtually anywhere.

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