March 6, 2023

What Is Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution


What Is Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution


Q-NEX is a smart campus solution including device power management, Audio &Video broadcasting, Matrix switching, Wireless Amplification centralized control. Through each processor independently connected to the Cloud, achieve the device policy management. Convenient for the device Centralized control, system deployment,and maintenance for the school.

In traditional classrooms , there would be a set of systems corresponding to multiple devices such as power control system (light , fan switch, air conditioner, display device power switch), speaker , amplifier, multimedia devices (like interactive whiteboard, projector, interactive flat panel, computer etc.), broadcasting and so on. Therefore, a traditional classroom needs multiple systems to achieve the basic functions of teaching. It is conceivable that the wiring will be complicated and messy. However, Q-NEX integrates multiple systems of the campus into one system, and only one machine is needed to control the various devices mentioned above. Wiring is more concise and management is easier.

Not only that, traditional school IT administrators have to run around the device management like power on/off the device of each classroom and do same operation everyday, which makes them bored and exhausted. However, Q-NEX support App and web-based platform to remote control the school device. You only need to switch devices on the web page or App. Not only the school IT admin, but also the teacher can easily manage classroom device. In class, teachers can control the devices by the control panel that comes with Q-NEX’s main product NMP. Just one key to achieve the desired effect.

Along with the functions of Scheduled task for power on/off, AV broadcast to classroom, Live broadcast to classroom, One touch to power on the classroom devices, Audio&Video Switching, Device remote control through APP and Web, Q-NEX upgrades your traditional classroom to a smart classroom.