May 8, 2023

Unlocking the Future of Education: How Q-NEX Smart Solutions Transform Schools

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Unlocking the Future of Education: How Q-NEX Smart Solutions Transform Schools


Today, smart campuses are a mainstream trend in education. However many people do not have a clear definition of a smart campus. To sum up, a smart campus is the organic articulation of physical space and information space. This connection allows access to resources and services for anyone, at any time. In our company we offer multiple smart solutions, you can click here to find out more details about our solutions. And our Q-NEX Smart Solution is aimed at the education sector. It offers many possibilities for creating a smart school system.

Ⅰ. What is the smart school

Today’s technology is developing particularly fast, so the number of smart devices used in schools is also increasing. Users can manage their schools effectively via the web and smart devices. Q-NEX Smart School solution is a centralized control solution. that provides multimedia and IoT device control systems. We also provide audio&video distribution systems and a software platform for managing campus facilities. The platform is named Q-NEX Console whcih includes the Web console, APP console, and dashboard. Our company aims to meet the needs of all educational institutions such as International Schools and Universities.

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Ⅱ. Advantages of the smart school

The smart solution has many advantages. The smart school solution is to manage your school facilities via the Internet. Automating the management of the equipment can increase school workflow efficiency. This is the home page of our website to give you more options: You can click here to get more choices. If you have any questions please tell us. We have 24-hour online customer service to answer your questions. 

A. Building a connected school ecosystem

With Q-NEX’s core product, the NMP (Networked Media Processor), devices are controlled centrally. Users can manage their devices through our centered control platform. The user can control devices with just one click. It is very easy to operate. Administrators can control devices remotely simply by using the network. More importantly, the campus networking ecosystem can be established. Users only need one platform to control all devices. Check the status of devices and operate them from anywhere at any time. Teachers can also report equipment repairs through the control center. Both the teacher and the administrator can check the status of the equipment at any time, which greatly saves time.

B. Simplify broadcasting tasks

To meet the needs of schools, our product provides the function of broadcasting. Teachers can set up broadcasts via the web console, simplifying the process of broadcasting tasks by media box here. If the principals want to have a meeting, they don’t have to call the students to the playground. They can live stream the announcement through our platform and delivery it to each classroom. This allows the notification message to be received by students quickly. And it can save the step of calling students to the playground. 

C. Free up repetitive tasks

For the school IT administrators, the day-to-day power on and off of equipment adds to their workload. To release the pressure of repetitive tasks we offer a scheduled task function. With the Q-NEX Smart School Solution, users can make the scheduled tasks. For example, automatically turning on all the displays at 8:00 am and automatically broadcasting English listening at noon. These tasks can greatly reduce people’s workload. Timed tasks greatly increase the efficiency of the administrator’s daily work.

Ⅲ. How to use smart school solutions

With the development of technology, more equipment is set in the classroom. To automate the transformation of the school, the headmaster needs to prepare a plan for many aspects. For example, purchasing smart devices, central control equipment, and so on. One of the advantages of choosing Q-NEX is that we can build on your existing equipment for central control. You don’t need to worry about equipment incompatibility. We offer a one-stop ICT solution. Simple to implement during campus set-up.

A. Ordinary classroom upgrade

Based on ordinary classrooms we can provide you with IQTouch Interactive Flat Panel, centralized control systems, and so on. You can easily upgrade your classroom to a smart classroom. Enhance your student’s learning experience and make the classroom more relaxed and engaging. With our smart solutions, all classroom equipment can be controlled remotely. Visualize the way you teach and learn. Automated systems can make schools more competitive.

B. Recording classroom upgrade

Users can choose the lecture capture products to change the level of the classroom. The addition of a recording product to a basic product can upgrade an existing classroom to an intelligent recording classroom. We have launched new products in our Lecture Capture System, check the details here It can offer more ways to your course. Lecture capture classrooms support after-class reviews and live video platform lectures. Students can join a hybrid classroom with merged online and offline learning ways. It brings more flexibility to the classroom. The attendance times and course times can be changed.

C. Intelligent distribution of AV solutions

Our broadcast functionality is based on AV-over-IP technology, which means we can enable audio&video and live broadcasts across the school. Broadcast content can be delivered to classrooms and public places such as libraries, canteens, and corridors. Not only does this simplify the process of broadcasting tasks, but it also increases the flexibility of broadcasting.


Campus automation is the mainstream trend of the future. Q-NEX Smart Solutions are the future of education. Our product features are numerous, including reducing your ICT budget, centralizing equipment control, simplifying school broadcast tasks, performing schedule task setting, reducing duplication of work, and so on. Our one-stop solution includes the provision of hardware and software and deployment arrangements. With 16 years of dedication to the education industry, our company has a variety of technology and a diverse range of products. With Q-NEX Smart Solutions, visualize the way you teach and learn, and make your school more competitive in the modern world. And we are confident that we can provide you with a satisfactory solution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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