May 8, 2023

How Q-NEX Helps Administrators Build Futuristic Learning Environments on a Budget

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How Q-NEX Helps Administrators Build Futuristic Learning Environments on a Budget


In today’s world, IT and network technology have reshaped the global landscape, with all kinds of IT products or network products coming out and affecting our lives in our jobs or in our learning. A good example is that many companies and schools have been trying to smarten up their workplace and their campus by replacing the old and traditional electrical devices with networked electrical devices, namely IoT devices in order to increase their work efficiency or to raise school competitiveness. Their shifting towards IoT devices has to a certain degree brought them convenience and an upgraded level of education quality. However installing all these IoT devices does not necessarily make the workplace and school campuses truly smart. Lots of complaints can be heard from principals about increasing smart campus operation costs, for example in device power consumption, device usability, and device installation and maintenance solutions, their problems can be effectively addressed. In this article, we will let you know how Q-NEX solution can bring you a truly smart campus, thus freeing you from all those worries and problems mentioned above.

Smart Classroom - TraditionalC 02
Smart Classroom – TraditionalC 02

. What is Q-NEX?

Before we start explaining how Q-NEX can deal with all the problems faced by different people, it will be better for us to get some idea about what Q-NEX is.

  • NEX is a solution provider. Its solution is pretty much about converging all the IoT devices spreading across every corner of the school campus and company into a HUB for centralized and cloud-based management and control based on TCP/IP Control. And the Q-NEX samrt campus solution comes with the following features:
  • Web-based remote and centralized control and management via Q-NEX web platform.
  • Campus-wide or company-wide A/V broadcast and live-streaming
  • Task-specific Automation schedules
  • Campus-wide or company-wide public and private cloud allocation management

Now you might be wondering how these features can be instrumental in addressing the above-mentioned problems.  and in the following sections will be going through all of them one by one.

Ⅱ. How Q-NEX can help School principals?

When it comes to building a smart campus, budget lower maintenance cost, and good user experience are what is concerned most by school principals. School principals want to make the best use of the money they spend on smart campus projects. However, in some of the smart campuses, many electrical devices or IoT devices are wired all the way individually to the targeted classrooms. Imagine that there are thousands of devices installed over the campus, it would lead to increased labor costs because hiring one IT administrator to take care of them is far from enough. Moreover, if the devices that come with different brand names go bad, then the school has to contact the different suppliers one by one, and that not only brings up the maintenance cost but also the communication cost. Furthermore, if you were to install hundreds of devices separately in different classrooms, then there would be a huge cost as it brings about added material costs for buying cables and the cost for digging holes here and there on the wall for the installation.

But is there any way that we can help school principals not only save costs with added convenience in both installation and maintenance labor costs? Yes, the Q-NEX solution can cover all these problems for the following reasons.

  • Greater Device usability: on the smart campus, there might be some devices like an interactive display that is dedicated to teaching students in the classroom or A/V broadcasting in the school auditorium. But putting them into one single use means schools will need to spend more money on buying more devices for that purpose. And it is a waste of money to do so. However, with Q-NEX, things can be quite different. In the Q-NEX solution, you can connect all devices to the Q-NEX NMP (Networked Media Processor which provides centralized control of all the devices connected to it, and more importantly the NMP is connected to the Q-NEX device management platform where you can simply conduct A/V contents broadcasting or live streaming to the target devices like interactive display or TV, and that really makes devices like interactive display multi-functional thus increasing its usability while reducing the waste. In short, you can integrate almost all the devices with NMP for centralized control and improved usability
  • Budget-saving with reduced cost: in some smart campuses, there might be deployed lots of devices with various types of brand names, and it can be a big problem when any of them goes bad, then schools have to communicate with all suppliers, and that leads to increased communication costs. With Q-NEX solution, you only need to communicate with Q-NEX if there is any device problem. To be more specific, without reaching out to different vendors or suppliers, you only need to talk to Q-NEX and Q-NEX will cover all the problems for the devices it supplies in the solution. Currently, Q-NEX not only offers NMP (Networked Media Processor) but also a wide range of network IoT products for your selection. Such as  IQ tTouch interactive display, lecture capture system, interactive whiteboard, IP camera, wireless presentation system, speakerphone, document camera, and so on. Because these products are all centralized control via NMP over the cloud-based web platform, you don’t have to hire extra manpower because one IT administrator can take care of all the NMP-connected devices anywhere any time. So, it really budget-saving and reduce the cost of maintenance, manpower, and communication.
  • Energy saving through timely monitoring: in many smart campuses, where devices are not centrally and remotely controlled can be frequently left turned on after the class, as some teachers might forget to turn the device off after leaving the classes. and this will definitely increase the power cost. Q-NEX helps save device power consumption. Q-NEX solutions allow school principals to monitor and analyze the device usage and device power consumption on the Q-NEX web interface, which means school principals can keep track of device usage and power consumption anywhere at any time, and through the analysis, the school principal will be able to find out the devices with abnormal power consumption before looking further into it. All in all, Q-NEX serves as an effective monitoring tool to cut down the school operation costs.
Q NEX Group Learning Solution 9
Q NEX Group Learning Solution 9


To sum up, compared with some campuses that deployed the products separately without unified and centralized control, the Q-NEX solution outperforms them in multiple aspects. Q-NEX help bring down the cost of device deployment, device maintenance and management, and manpower by deploying Q-NEX and IQ product with NMP for centralized and remote control. And it also allows the school to maximize the usability of individual IoT devices with multiple purposes. And it also allows the school principals to constantly monitor device usage and power consumption. It just simplifies everything with maximized convenience, while minimizing the overall operation cost of the smart campus.

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