May 10, 2023

How GIIS Singapore Adopted Q-NEX AV Technology to Deliver Premium Education

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How GIIS Singapore Adopted Q-NEX AV Technology to Deliver Premium Education


The education sector in Singapore is highly competitive, with over 60 international schools in the country. Global Indian International School (GIIS) Singapore faces resource constraints like limited space and funding, while needing to meet the high expectations of parents, students, and regulators. With limited resources, schools face challenges in providing premium education solution and differentiated learning experiences to students. 

Additionally, parents expect schools to provide students with the latest technologies and modern facilities. Schools need to adopt technologies that not only enhance learning but also provide operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Furthermore, education regulations in Singapore demand that schools have robust data protection and cybersecurity measures. It is a significant challenge for schools to ensure secure data storage and protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Technology adoption is a solution to overcome these challenges and gain a competitive advantage. Innovative schools that adopt advanced technologies can differentiate themselves from the competition, providing students with unique and engaging learning experiences.

I. GIIS Singapore’s Solution: Building a SMART Campus

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To stand out from competition, GIIS Singapore constructed a new campus in Punggol with state-of-the-art facilities. The goal was to provide students with the latest technologies and premium learning experiences.

In 2006, GIIS Singapore adopted the Q-NEX solution for centralized control of audio-visual (AV) equipment and device usage across the campus. The Q-NEX solution provides a seamless and efficient way to manage AV devices and distribute content.

The Q-NEX Media Box enables broadcasting text, audio, and video to monitors and amplifiers in the canteen, library, corridors, and other locations. Different content can be streamed to specific locations across the campus based on the environment and audience.

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The IT administrator can remotely power on and power off AV devices, schedule content distribution, and monitor usage via the Q-NEX Console desktop platform and mobile app. The Q-NEX Dashboard provides data and analytics on device status, usage frequency, power consumption, and content metrics to optimize experiences.

The Q-NEX solution allowed GIIS Singapore to create an automated and intelligent campus environment. All campus areas were integrated into the AV distribution network, enabling customized content broadcasting. The IT team can efficiently manage technology usage without manual monitoring.

Ⅱ. Q-NEX Solution for GIIS

Q-NEX Solution is revolutionizing the way education is delivered with its commitment to creating a digital campus that offers centralized control and AV distribution through the Internet of Things. This cutting-edge technology is reshaping the campus experience for both GIIS staff and students, offering a streamlined and sophisticated approach to learning.

In addition to providing centralized and remote control of complex devices in the classroom, such as interactive flat panels (IFPs), document cameras, air conditioners, fans, lights, microphones, speakers, and teachers’ laptops, Q-NEX has implemented its flagship product, the Networked Media Processor (NMP), in every classroom across the GIIS campus. By connecting all devices in each classroom to the NMP, teachers only need to control and manage one device instead of multiple ones. This allows for simple and efficient management, either locally in the classroom or remotely by the IT administrator from their office.

The GIIS faculty has been pleasantly surprised by the convenience brought by the NMP’s Touch Panel.

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Installed on the teacher’s table, it has become an invaluable aid for the teacher during class. As soon as the teacher walks into the classroom, they are greeted by a set-up that is ready for them to start their lesson. The lights are on, the air-condition is set at the right temperature, and the interactive flat panels are ready for use. The teacher only needs to pair the wireless microphone to the control panel with a single click, and they can begin teaching right away. Switching between different video sources from their laptop to the document camera and adjusting the speaker or microphone volume can all be easily achieved through the control panel. Teachers have become the technology master of their own class, with one GIIS teacher commenting, “I didn’t expect that one day I would be able to control these devices so freely, now I do.”

With Q-NEX Solution’s innovative approach to digital campus creation, GIIS has been able to provide students and staff with a unique and exceptional learning experience. The integration of advanced technology with traditional teaching methods has brought about unparalleled levels of efficiency and convenience for everyone involved. The centralized control and AV distribution provided by Q-NEX Solution’s NMP have allowed for streamlined management and easy access to all necessary resources. With Q-NEX Solution’s cutting-edge technology, the digital campus has become the future of education.

Apart from the Q-NEX solution, GIIS Singapore also implemented other advanced technologies to enhance the learning experience of students. The SMART Campus has a Virtual Classroom environment that allows students to participate in interactive learning from anywhere in the world. This platform uses video conferencing, interactive whiteboards, and online collaboration tools to facilitate real-time communication and collaboration between teachers and students. This feature allows students to attend classes and collaborate with their peers and teachers regardless of their physical location.

Ⅲ. Outcomes and Key Takeaways

The adoption of technology solutions has enabled GIIS Singapore to deliver a premium and futuristic education experience to its students. The Q-NEX solution has provided the school with a centralized and automated way to manage technology usage, reducing the operational load on IT teams.

Students, teachers, and parents benefit from a seamless and enhanced learning experience supported by advanced EdTech solutions. GIIS Singapore has gained a significant competitive advantage by implementing advanced EdTech solutions to build a futuristic SMART campus.

The Q-NEX Dashboard provides valuable data and analytics that enable GIIS Singapore to optimize technology usage, experiences, and strategies.

In addition, GIIS Singapore has a well-equipped Innovation Lab that provides students with hands-on learning opportunities in emerging technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, and virtual reality. The lab is designed to foster creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship, enabling students to develop practical skills that are highly valued in today’s job market. The Innovation Lab also provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and creations to a wider audience, building their confidence and encouraging them to pursue their passions.

Ⅳ. Smart Campus Solution

Another notable feature of the SMART Campus is the use of digital signage displays throughout the campus. These displays provide real-time information to students and staff, including class schedules, announcements, and emergency alerts. The digital signage displays also showcase student artwork and other creative projects, promoting a sense of community and inspiring creativity among students.

The SMART Campus has also incorporated environmental sustainability into its design and operations. The campus has a rainwater harvesting system that collects rainwater and recycles it for non-potable use, such as flushing toilets and irrigating the landscape. The campus also has a solar panel system that generates clean energy and reduces the campus’s carbon footprint. These initiatives demonstrate GIIS Singapore’s commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Q-NEX solution has also enabled GIIS Singapore to collect data and analytics on device status, usage frequency, power consumption, and content metrics. This data provides insights into the technology usage patterns of students and staff, allowing the IT team to optimize the technology infrastructure and improve the learning experience for students. The data also helps GIIS Singapore make informed decisions about future technology investments and strategies.

The implementation of advanced technologies at GIIS Singapore’s SMART Campus has had a significant impact on the school’s reputation and competitive advantage. The SMART Campus has been recognized as a leader in education technology, winning several awards and accolades for its innovative approach to teaching and learning. The SMART Campus has also attracted high-caliber students and staff, as well as partnerships with leading technology companies and educational institutions.

The case of GIIS Singapore provides valuable insights for other schools and educational institutions looking to adopt technology to enhance their learning environment. By implementing advanced EdTech solutions, schools can create differentiated learning experiences, reduce operational loads, and gain data-driven insights to optimize technology usage and strategies. The case also highlights the importance of incorporating sustainability and environmental responsibility into the design and operations of educational institutions.

In conclusion, the case analysis of GIIS Singapore’s SMART Campus demonstrates the transformative impact of technology adoption on education. The SMART Campus has enabled GIIS Singapore to deliver a premium, futuristic education that meets the high expectations of parents, students, and regulators. The SMART Campus has also enabled GIIS Singapore to gain a significant competitive advantage and establish itself as a leader in education technology. For more information about case study, or related products used in the GIIS project, please visit here.

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