March 6, 2023

How IoT Can Impact the Campus

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How IoT Can Impact the Campus


In this era of smart classroom technology, students are more demanding of innovative university campus life and willing to use innovative learning methods. IoT-based cloud computing technologies provide solutions for a smart campus to improve the learning methods of students and improve the efficiency of daily activities.

Q-NEX Smart Campus Solution helps schools build an IoT ecosystem, which provides a centralized control system Q-NEX Networked Media Processor(NMP), a unified management platform Q-NEX Console and remote control App, giving IT admin the full power to control all the devices throughout the campus anytime and anywhere. The digitally connected campuses enhance student learning and environmental sustainability.

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How Q-NEX IoT solution can help reform the educational system? In this article, we’ll have a closer look at the impact of IoT solutions on campus.

1. Remote Device Control

By connecting all the devices to the highly integrated product Q-NEX NMP, the school IT administrator can centrally control the devices wherever they’re on the campus in real-time via the cloud management platform Q-NEX Console or Q-NEX remote control App.

It greatly reduces human resources and makes campus management easy, flexible, and controllable.

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2. Visualization and Interactivity

The IoT paradigm means interactivity becomes the main trend, and everything from distributing exercises to teaching presentations will become automated and streamlined.

IQBoard interactive whiteboard and IQTouch interactive flat panel are provided for optimized learning and at the same time engage more students in the education.

Visualization of difficult abstract concepts and immediate access to new information on touch or on click can ensure better and more enduring learning.

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3. Efficient Allocation of Resources

At the school, Q-NEX smart centralized AV distribution systems may help save money and energy by functioning only when needed. IoT devices can automatically carry out the scheduled tasks preset like broadcast break music, listening test, principal’s speech, etc., according to school requirements.

IoT-enabled education solutions are allowing the education sector to transform itself for the future. The digitally connected campuses enhance student learning and environmental sustainability. With the Q-NEX centralized device control system, now you see how this can positively impact the campus in the long run! 

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