March 20, 2023

Simplify Campus Device Management with Q-NEX

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Simplify Campus Device Management with Q-NEX


The Q-NEX is dedicated to innovating the smart school solution. It is a smart solution combining independently developed hardware and software based on the Internet, cloud computing technology, streaming media technology, etc. As the number of educational devices increases, the administrator’s work gets more heavy. The main purpose of Q-NEX solution is to achieve centralized management and control of campus electronic equipment. Users can perform functions such as remote control, audio and video broadcasts, data statistics, and notification push through Q-NEX. Here is our official website, you can click here for more details.

The Importance of Device Management to Users

IT Administrator

The IT admin may encounter many difficulties during device management in the campus environment. For example, when a device has a problem, the IT admin does not have a platform to check the status of the overall device. To maintain the equipment, the IT admin needs to check the devices in every classroom. It takes up a lot of IT admin’s time. For teachers and users, the only way to repair equipment is to make a phone call. The way of calling was inefficient and the administrator often couldn’t solve the problems right away. The IT admin can not manage devices remotely. So he can only go to the designated place to check the equipment. For the normal use of the device, the IT admin needs to perform repeated operations every day. IT admins are in a very hectic situation.

For the Headmaster

To upgrade the equipment on campus, the headmaster needs to think about various aspects such as controlling costs while upgrading equipment in schools. The headmaster needs to think about how to upgrade the school’s smart devices while reducing costs. The headmaster also needs to consider controlling the cost of equipment on campus. What’s more, he needs to consider how to make the school become more competitive. The most important question is how the headmaster can choose smart devices to make schools more popular.

For the Teacher

There will also be many problems in the teacher’s daily work. Teachers don’t know what to do with the various hardware devices in the classroom. Learning how to use a new device takes a lot of time. It is too costly for teachers to learn to use the equipment. Some students also use hardware devices privately in the classroom. It not only brings troubles to the use in teaching but also brings jobs to IT admins. What’s more, when the teacher reported for equipment repairs, he could not get feedback in time. The teacher does not know whether the device is under repair.

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How to Implement Devices Management

The core product of Q-NEX is NMP (Networked Media Processor). Users centrally control their devices through NMP. The user can control the device through the Q-NEX platform. There are three types of platforms, web console platform, APP console platform and dashboard. Users can centrally control and manage their devices through these three methods. After centralized control through Q-NEX, all devices can be remotely controlled by sending signals through the cloud. Users can directly control all the equipment in a classroom through the control panel. The administrator can also set and use the device through the mobile or the web console platform.

What Can the Devices Management Platform Do

The user can control the power switch of the display device through the console platform. Including controlling the raising and lowering of the projector screen and curtain. Users can also control external devices, such as light power control. The administrator can turn on all the equipment in the classroom before the teacher enters the classroom. When the teacher enters the classroom, the class can be started directly. When the students are out of class, the administrator can power off all the devices on the platform. This remote control function saves a lot power consumption. In order to improve the efficiency of teachers’ feedback on equipment repairs, Q-NEX has set up the repair function in the console platform. The teacher can log in to the platform to report equipment problems for repair. After reporting for repair, the teacher can log in to the background to check whether the status of the device is under repair. Through Q-NEX console platform, users can set scheduled tasks. The administrator can set a schedule list to power on and off the equipment in the classroom. The teacher can set the timing to broadcast the audio and video content. The Q-NEX console platform reduces the user’s daily repetitive operations on the devices.

Advantages of Q-NEX

Through the Q-NEX platform, users can centrally control the devices in the classroom. When using the equipment in the classroom, users can turn it on or off with one key. The device operation can be simplified for teachers through the platform. The Q-NEX integrates multiple functional devices into one system, and reduces the principal’s procurement funds and maintenance costs. The administrators can check the running status of campus equipment through the platform. The teachers can check the repair problems at any time. This function can prevent teachers or IT administrators from forgetting to check equipment problems. The Q-NEX control platform simplifies the steps for users to use the equipment.


The Q-NEX device management platform can provide users with convenient operations. The management platform can centrally control messy devices for users and realize rich functions. For example: Q-NEX console platform can turn on and off all devices with one click. The users can set up scheduled tasks on the platform. The function of timing tasks can realize timing broadcast information for students. In the classroom, to prevent students from touching by mistake, the teacher can activate the function of the electronic lock on the panel installed. Our company has very professional personnel to develop products. And our company has been committed to the education industry for more than 16 years. We can provide various products and solutions according to the different needs of customers. Please contact us if you are interested. Our online customer service is very honored to serve you. Please contact us right now. You will get more surprises!

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