March 6, 2023

A Brief Look at IQ and Q-NEX Brand of Returnstar

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A Brief Look at IQ and Q-NEX Brand of Returnstar


Nowadays there is an increasing trend of using interactive whiteboards to create a more interactive teaching mode. But in the traditional way, the pilling up of several devices usually induces a high frequency of system breakdown and complex procession. The schools have to connect all the separate devices including the whiteboard, projector, computer, and speaker together, which causes not only a mess-up of several lines but also difficulty and high cost of money and time for the IT administrator to maintain that equipment.

IQTouch LCD interactive touch screens appear as a pioneer and provide an innovative solution for interactive teaching. Compared with the traditional unity and connection, IQtouch is truly designed as an All in One smart board, a highly integrated device with a built-in computer, whiteboard, speaker, amplifier, TV, etc. What’s more, the bundle of professional educational software enables teachers to use various teaching tools and functions to easily prepare courseware and collaborate with students. Therefore, just one single IQTouch display can definitely simplify the complex installation of different electronic devices for a modern smart classroom. And it will be your best choice for an environment-friendly, cost-effectively, most collaboratively environment in the classroom.

The aim of Returnstar Interactive Technology Co., Ltd, IQ as its main brand, is to use interactive technology to transfer education, and to create a dynamic, collaborative, and effective atmosphere for modern education. Established in 2006, Returnstar always keeps pace with the times and makes many signs of progress in the field of interactive technology. Except for interactive smartboards, IQ also provides other related products including projectors, speakers, document cameras, and other accessory electronic devices. There are two solutions for education, IQClass solution, and Q-NEX solution. The first one is focused on a smart classroom which will provide a full solution including hardware and software. The second one caters to the school’s centralized control of the entire campus with multiple electronic devices in every classroom.