March 6, 2023

The Evolution of Classroom Techonolohy

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The Evolution of Classroom Techonolohy


​The projector takes up the memory of most of us for classroom devices and technology, which is the display device placed above the blackboard to present videos, pictures, or other content. However, with the continuous upgrading of technology, the technology in the classroom has made a great leap. The teacher or IT administrator now felt headaches or confusion about the classroom devices like the connection of multiple cables or malfunction of certain equipment. This technological evolution has brought the classroom into a new stage.

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The shortcomings of traditional teaching equipment

Do you remember when the class bell rang, the teacher walked into the classroom with textbooks, stood in front of the lectern lectured loudly, and picked up a piece of chalk to write new knowledge points on the blackboard? Sometimes you can’t take notes in time or you concentrate on taking notes so that ignore what the teacher is saying. The important things will be missed, which causes the knowledge not to be absorbed comprehensively and deeply. Although the time on campus is the best day in our memory, it is not the best for the teaching environment.

The changes brought about by new technologies

To improve the classroom and even campus environment, Q-NEX has launched several solutions to apply to various scenarios on campus. For classrooms, our smart classroom solution can centrally control the devices by our main product, Networked Media Processor (NMP), connecting interactive flat panel display 4K resolution far beyond the clarity of projector, and touch writing on the built-in whiteboard instead of writing on the blackboard with chalk. Notes can also be packaged and taken away by scanning the QR code, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Not only that, but many functions such as scheduled tasks for power on and off, access control, AV distribution, etc. can also be realized. If you want more information, just contact us:

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