March 6, 2023

The Expectation of Campus Technology

AV Centralized Control

The Expectation of Campus Technology


​This is an era of technology savvy. We have passed the era when we only pursue GDP growth that most people fight for insufficient food and clothing. People’s lives are constantly improving. We start to pay more attention to other things in our lives such as healthy eating, fashion, urban development, artistic pursuits, intelligence and countries’ education.

With respect to education, we hope to have a better environment to improve efficiency and spend most of the time to focus on human development, that is, those students. The schools are expected to adopt seamless and interconnected new technologies to create a smart campus where students can learn and experiment with the latest and greatest things in all fields. This not only benefits students, but also facilitates faculty and IT administrators.

The current campus generally do not have comprehensive technical strategy. Regarding digital integration, messy device management and data management makes IT admins stressful. It limits to offer the insightful, proactive or personalized services to students. As for connectivity, the lack of integrated IoT platform brings rarely automation experience. In addition, limited wired and wireless networks hinder connectivity and scalability around the campus. Due to untimely shutdown of devices, continuous maintenance and upgrading of facilities, and higher power consumption requirements, it will cause the cost pressure and delays in technology updates of the campus.

Q-NEX was born in the digital era. All aspects of it are immersed in technology. It uses various digital methods to build a technology construction to achieve centralized control all devices on the campus, interconnection and intelligence, modularity, flexibility, sustainable and cost-effective benefit. Thence automation appears on everywhere of the campus. Get more details in