July 26, 2023

Revolutionizing Universities with Building Automation Systems and AV-over-IP Technology

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Revolutionizing Universities with Building Automation Systems and AV-over-IP Technology


The rapid advancement of AV-over-IP technology has transformed traditional Audio-Visual (AV) infrastructures in various environments, and the campus environment is no exception.Q-NEX Solution for campus-wide AV distribution is based on AV-over-IP technology, enabling not only audio and video broadcast but also live streaming to all classrooms and spaces outside classrooms, such as cafeterias, libraries, teacher’s offices, corridors, and reception halls. By deploying the Q-NEX Media Server, Networked Media Processor (NMP), and Media Box (MBX), this solution can efficiently distribute audio, video, and control signals over the internet, leveraging the existing campus network. In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of the Q-NEX Solution for universities, emphasizing how it revolutionizes AV distribution and enhances technological capabilities on campus.

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1. Seamless AV Distribution:

Q-NEX Solution for universities offers seamless AV distribution throughout the campus. By utilizing AV-over-IP technology, the solution enables audio and video broadcasts to reach every corner of the campus. This means that lectures, presentations, and other multimedia content can be shared in real-time across multiple classrooms and spaces, promoting better engagement and information sharing among students and faculty members.

2. Live Streaming for Enhanced Accessibility:

In addition to AV distribution, the Q-NEX Solution enables live streaming to all classrooms and spaces outside classrooms. This feature allows students to remotely attend lectures or events, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for students who may be unable to physically attend. Furthermore, live streaming provides the opportunity to record and archive content for future reference or for students who may have missed a particular session.

3. Centralized Control and Management:

The Q-NEX Solution provides centralized control and management of AV equipment and systems across the campus. Through the Media Server, NMP, and MBX, IT administrators can monitor and control the AV devices, ensuring smooth operation and troubleshooting when needed. This centralization reduces the workload on IT staff and enhances efficiency in managing the campus AV infrastructure.

4. Cost-Effective Scalability:

The Q-NEX Solution offers cost-effective scalability for universities. As the solution is based on AV-over-IP technology, it can leverage the existing campus network infrastructure, avoiding the need for additional cabling or infrastructure upgrades. This scalability allows universities to expand their AV capabilities without incurring significant costs, making it an ideal solution for institutions with limited budgets or those planning for future growth.

5. Enhanced Collaboration and Learning:

By implementing the Q-NEX Solution, universities can foster enhanced collaboration and interactive learning experiences. The seamless AV distribution and live streaming capabilities enable students and faculty to share and access multimedia content from anywhere on campus, promoting collaboration and engagement. Moreover, the solution supports interactive features like screen sharing and remote control, facilitating dynamic and interactive learning environments.

6. Future-Proof Technology:

The Q-NEX Solution utilizes AV-over-IP technology, which is a future-proof solution for universities. With the continuous advancement of technology, the solution can easily adapt to emerging AV trends and standards. This ensures that universities can stay ahead in terms of technological capabilities and provide cutting-edge AV experiences to students and faculty members.


Q-NEX Solution for universities brings about a revolution in AV distribution and technological capabilities on campus. By leveraging AV-over-IP technology, the solution provides seamless AV distribution, live streaming options, centralized control, and cost-effective scalability. With enhanced collaboration and learning experiences, universities can create dynamic and interactive learning environments, promoting student engagement and success. Embrace the Q-NEX Solution to transform your university into a technologically advanced and innovative institution that prepares students for the future.

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