March 6, 2023

Robot in the Campus What is Classroom Automation

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Robot in the Campus What is Classroom Automation


​The school bell rings, attendance is checked, homework is collected, and 10 minutes of class time has passed before your students are ready to learn. Teaching time has always been precious, Compared with the traditional class, modern class seems to be more automatic. Scheduled tasks, AV distribution, and central device control all save the time and energy of teachers and students working together.

Robot in the Campus What is Classroom Automation - campus live streaming

Things IT administrators need to think about

As a school IT administrator, what things you are capable of doing? You can achieve classroom automation in many ways and provide schools with the resources they need so that they can focus on what they do best. Like Q-NEX solution, it provides a cloud-based Classroom Management System Q-NEX Console and an app for mobile devices to remote control the devices on campus. Central device control can be easily operated by its main product Networked Media Processor (NMP), and you even can set scheduled tasks to automatically power on and off the device or distribute text, audio, and video content to each classroom for notification. The control panel that comes with NMP is wall-mounted in the classroom, which enables teachers to do some easy operations to control the classroom and grasp the rhythm of the class. Even if you save a few minutes a day, it will bring a quick return on investment, measured by actual cost and improvement in student performance.

What technology brings

With the development of technology, classroom automation has become an inevitable trend. It wraps a layer of intelligence around the control system. This is an intelligent system that combines multiple tasks into one automated operation. With automatic scheduling, you can schedule the classroom so that the system can be used when the teachers arrive in class, which saves time waiting for the devices to warm up.

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