March 6, 2023

Learn about Smart Campus Solution Technically

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Learn about Smart Campus Solution Technically


​The smart campus solution is technically based on advanced methods such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, video cloud, and AI. The overall solution of Q-NEX smart campus is based on digital information and network, which helps K12 or higher education improve management efficiency and teaching quality, and optimize the campus environment from multiple applications on campus, such as smart classrooms, recording classrooms, lecture halls, corridors, canteens, libraries, etc. 

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Q-NEX’s Integrated Approach to IoT-Powered Teaching and Learning

Smart teaching services are based on an intelligent teaching environment to create a personalized and efficient teaching mode. Q-NEX solution provides services such as smart classrooms, distance teaching, online learning, abundant resource access, system automation, and real-time feedback, which assists schools to carry out remote interactive teaching under the global epidemic situation. It normalizes teaching within the curriculum, shares high-quality resources, promotes education fairness, and improves teaching quality.

Enables Seamless Remote Learning Experiences

Q-NEX can not only realize remote teaching which keeps pace with the trend but also a crucial function is central device control. Each system in the classroom is centrally connected to Networked Media Processor-NMP(The main product of Q-NEX), and the devices in the classroom can be managed remotely and uniformly through the web-based platform of Q-NEX console and app.

Q-NEX’s IoT-Driven Solutions Redefine Smart Education

Combining high-reliability, high-performance cloud infrastructure, big data, and other services,  Q-NEX solution integrates smart work, study, and life into an environment for the campuses.

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