March 6, 2023

What is IOT and Its Applications

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What is IOT and Its Applications


​The IOT (Internet of Things) has become a buzzword in the modern technology era. We can find it everywhere in our lives such as online shopping, paying online, smart furniture, live streaming, automatic driving, intelligent monitoring, smart campus and large LCD screens that can be seen everywhere in public places, and smartphones that we always hold in hand. In order to make it clear, we need to understand what the IOT is.

What is IOT and Its Applications - media server

Unlocking the Power of IoT

Simply put, the IOT (Internet of Things) means “the Internet connects everything”. It integrates technologies, computers, and the Internet to realize the real-time sharing of environment and status information between objects and the intelligent collection, transmission, processing, and execution of information. The Internet makes it easy to obtain and share information. Nowadays, we get information much faster than in the past. The Internet connects people all over the world closely. The world is no longer far away from us, it is right in front of our eyes. Not only people are closely connected, but also things are closely connected.

Exploring Q-NEX’s Comprehensive Campus Solutions

As the main product of Q-NEX solution – Networked Media Processor (NMP), it realizes the connection of the devices through the Internet and takes advantage of real-time information transmission and execution to build the automation system on campus. Multiple devices in each classroom can be centrally controlled, and automated audio and video broadcasts can be pushed by only one NMP. Broadly speaking, the application of information technology involved can all be included in the range of the Internet of Things.

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